Product showcase: ESET’s newest consumer offerings

It’s no secret that antivirus software is as essential to your computer as a power cord.

However, the threats don’t stop at your devices. For example, criminals that are trying to steal your data can attack your Wi-Fi router, and phishing attempts can target your email.

ESET’s newest consumer product release takes a comprehensive approach to security to guard against a full range of threats. All come with ESET’s signature light footprint for gaming, browsing, shopping and socializing with no interruptions or slowdowns.

Introducing enhanced security for Windows, Mac and Android

For over 30 years, ESET has created industry-leading IT security software and services, protecting businesses worldwide from ever-evolving digital threats.

ESET consumer

ESET’s solutions for consumers use the same advanced technologies. By protecting your digital life, ESET delivers real-world protection against criminals trying to lock down your computer, hack your bank account, or even steal your identity.

As hackers and cyberthreats continue to evolve, ESET is always a step ahead. Here is a look at the new product updates:

ESET essential security

ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Windows & macOS

ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Windows & macOS

As ESET’s entry-level product, ESET NOD32 Antivirus is anything but basic. In addition to defending against malware and phishing attempts, this new version includes:

  • Advanced machine learning: Proactive technology designed to detect never-before-seen malware.
  • DNA detection: Uses code analysis to extract the “genes” responsible for a specific virus behavior to detect others like it.
  • Exploit blocker: Helps block zero-day exploits by monitoring for suspicious activity.
  • Intel Threat Detection Technology: Boosts ransomware protection by integrating Intel’s hardware-based ransomware detection technology.

ESET advanced security

ESET Internet Security for Windows, macOS & Android

ESET consumer

ESET Internet Security now offers additional layers of defense for your home network and smart devices and an updated secure browser feature. Highlights include:

  • Multi-platform coverage: Secures all your devices (smartphone, laptop, smart TV, tablet, etc.) and the network they’re connected to.
  • Secure browser mode: Encrypts all communication between the keyboard and browser for safer gaming, socializing and browsing.
  • Brute Force Attack Protection: Blocks attacks that attempt to guess your password and access your by feeding large volumes of previously breached passwords.
  • Banking and payment protection: Includes a new and improved plugin that keeps personal information from being stolen while shopping, banking and paying online.
  • Intel Threat Detection Technology: Boosts ransomware protection by integrating Intel’s hardware-based ransomware detection technology.

ESET premium security

ESET Smart Security Premium for Windows, macOS & Android

ESET Smart Security Premium

ESET’s flagship product adds cloud sandbox analysis, a password manager and encryption for ultimate security. New features include:

  • ESET LiveGuard: Personalized virus detection system that works with documents, scripts, installers, and executable files. Suspicious files are run in a safe, sandboxed environment before being cleared for release or deleted.
  • Military-grade encryption software: Designed to keep the files on your computer safe and those on any external drivers.
  • Password management: Generates strong encrypted passwords and stores them securely.
  • iOS face detection: For macOS users, integrates into the password management feature along with Google Authenticator’s two-factor authentication.

NOTE: ESET’s consumer products include simplified security management via the ESET HOME user hub.

When technology enables progress, ESET is here to protect it.

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