Device Authority KeyScaler 7.0 secures IT to OT environments

Device Authority has released a new version of its KeyScaler platform, with features that will further simplify and strengthen its ability to help businesses achieve complete device, data, and operational trust in their scaled IoT operations and remove friction from their security supply chain.

The advancements in KeyScaler 7.0 include KeyScaler Edge providing automated identity lifecycle management for Edge environments, and a new Authorization Service Connector enabling continuous validation of devices, a proactive best-practice security approach for achieving zero trust.

KeyScaler Edge also automates the provisioning and management of certificates for devices within both online and offline Edge environments, including complex Nested Edge set-ups often found in remote or industrial use cases.

This aligns KeyScaler with Microsoft’s strategy of enabling companies to build more resilient supply chains by bringing cloud capabilities to remote or offline settings.

KeyScaler’s enhanced Authorization Service Connector provides a framework for Continuous Assurance & Authorization to support the new Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) requirement outlined in the White House Executive Order 14028, and helps organizations comply with the EU Cyber Resilience Act.

The new connector will also allow organizations to enforce real-time authentication check-ins with external threat detection platforms, such as Microsoft Defender, to assess potential threat levels for devices, mitigate new threats, and help remediate against critical vulnerabilities found in device software.

Additional enhancements in KeyScaler7.0 offer increased ability to securely process sensitive data, and strengthened management of privileged access to specific asset types among other updates.

Device Authority CEO Darron Antill commented, “The increasing complexity of IoT environments and growing global security regulations mean that a unified, Zero Trust approach to security across a whole organization is paramount. Securing the Edge is becoming a big challenge for our customers and partners and we are delighted to align our Edge functionality to Microsoft’s Azure IoT Edge to provide a robust, scalable solution to the market.”

“We have built on the already successful and established foundations of our KeyScaler platform to make it as simple and achievable as possible to deploy secure solutions and achieve a trusted and compliant end-to-end software supply chain, no matter how complex.”, Antill continued.

“Version 7.0 provides an additional array of customer choice as well as the opportunity to further leverage existing investments to enhance infrastructure. The additional level of granular control over the authorization of devices that it offers ensures it is ahead of the curve when it comes to achieving secure IoT operations.”, he added.

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