Datto EDR strengthens endpoint security for MSPs and SMBs

Datto introduced Datto EDR, tailored for today’s MSPs and small to midsize businesses (SMBs) to help detect threats that evade other defenses.

Having the right cybersecurity tools in place is more important than ever. Year-over-year ransomware attacks increased by 92.7% and the average cost of an attack on a small business was $8,000 per hour from the time of attack to the time of remediation. Most endpoint detection and response tools require skilled and trained security analysts, who are in high demand and short supply, but Datto EDR uses MITRE ATT&CK framework to provide helpful clarity to teams, reducing the security expertise needed to effectively respond.

“Standard security tools aren’t enough anymore,” said Chris McKie, VP of Product Marketing for Security and Networking Solutions. “Threat actors have found ways to circumvent traditional security measures, making EDR tools more important than ever for catching suspicious activity and keeping businesses safe from increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.”

Nearly all EDR products are designed and built for enterprise, which means they’re often costly and highly complex, requiring a team of highly trained security experts to effectively manage it. Without this trained staff, many organizations have been left without effective EDR tools.

Datto EDR has been specially built to help MSPs who want to improve their security posture and expand their security offerings to their SMB customers. This highly effective tool provides additional layers of endpoint security by detecting suspicious behaviors that sophisticated threat actors leverage to bypass when using traditional antivirus. Each alert in the dashboard comes with a response function, which will help teams through the remediation process with detailed mitigation recommendations for the most common threats, allowing MSPs to become more self-sufficient.

Datto EDR is an effective threat detection solution with readily available and knowledgeable technical support. Its efficient and actionable alerts can be quickly interpreted to decide on the appropriate next steps with quick deployment options that don’t interfere with day-to-day business operations. Further, continuous monitoring of process, memory, and behavior across all endpoints limits the time it takes to detect intrusions.

Part of Kaseya’s IT Complete Platform, Datto EDR expands the security suite to provide the maximum coverage across multiple vectors. Datto EDR is integrated with Datto RMM and Kaseya One to address the challenges of do-it-all, multifunctional IT professionals. It offers one vendor with everything you need, woven together to save you time, smart enough to help you get more done, and at an affordable price point.

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