Pexip and Vbrick join forces to bring secure video recordings to the enterprise

With Pexip and Vbrick partnership, Pexip’s enterprise users can host video meetings and large-scale webcasts, record them with a single click, and store them in their Vbrick EVP tenant for on-demand playback.

“The regulatory and compliance requirements are only increasing for companies today, especially within finance, health and legal. Without proper security protections in place, video content can expose sensitive data and increase risk. To that end, Pexip and Vbrick have come together to offer a leading solution for securely managing and storing video content,” says Leighton Hughes, VP Video Innovation, Pexip.

The combination of the Pexip and Vbrick platforms extends the value of video communication in three ways for companies:

Meeting security and compliance needs – users can control their own data, record client interactions, store recordings for audit access, and track analytics.

Engaging hybrid workers – users can share company information, access on-demand meeting recordings, and uncover relevant videos using advanced search.

Connecting multiple solutions – users can integrate video into workflows or applications, as well as record and stream video from various sources, devices, or meeting solutions.

“There is no question that Pexip is leading the way in video enablement for highly secure or even air-gapped organizations,” said Paul Sparta, chairman and CEO of Vbrick.

“Vbrick has a long pedigree in this area as well, and partnered, we have a highly compelling solution for the most challenging operating environments.”, Sparta added.

Interoperability is a key value-add in the Pexip + Vbrick offering

Having systems that work together helps enterprises maximize their investments in the myriad of solutions they’ve implemented.

“There is increasing demand from the enterprise market for interoperability in their video systems. Many companies have deployed multiple communication platforms and applications to meet the diverse needs of an increasingly dispersed workforce – and these are systems and devices that would be costly and inefficient to replace. The ability to seamlessly and securely record and store video, no matter the system in use, is essential,” said Steve Vonder Haar, senior analyst – Enterprise Streaming, Cloud Engagement & Virtual Events, Wainhouse Research. Pexip

How to launch the Vbrick plugin from Pexip

The Vbrick plugin is available for Pexip Infinity (self-hosted) clients. Once the Vbrick plugin is installed, Pexip users can start archiving their meetings with a single click. Users can access their recorded files from their Vbrick EVP tenant, which features built-in security capabilities such as encryption, governance, access permissions, and retention policies, in addition to AI-powered search, translations and transcriptions.

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