Kami Pro Security improves protection for homes and small businesses

Kami Vision announced Kami Pro Security, a professional-grade, video alarm system for use in residences and small businesses.

The smart camera-based security system utilizes vision AI and 24/7 professional monitoring services to detect potential intruders and distribute verified video in real time via an app that replaces the outdated panel system.

We’re empowering people to take control of their own safety, security and well-being, giving them peace of mind that their families, homes and businesses are protected,” said Yamin Durrani, CEO of Kami Vision. “We’re breaking down barriers traditionally associated with security systems, making it more attainable and affordable. Kami Pro Security will change the future of personal home security. Never before has professional-grade personal security been so accessible.”

The affordable, flexible solution addresses a significant market need as individuals, families and businesses look for ways to protect their loved ones and assets. According to the American Psychological Association, 75 percent of adults report that violence and crime are a significant source of stress in their lives. Kami Pro Security enables users to manage their own safety and broadens access to anyone, whether they rent an apartment or own a house or business.

Product features

Kami Pro Security is part of Kami Home, which is already trusted by 6M people on 12M devices worldwide. Leveraging the Smart Detect feature, the vision AI cameras identify only humans, reducing false alerts commonly caused by pets or moving tree branches. The solution eliminates notification fatigue by sending alerts to a professional monitoring team who review video events to verify alerts, prioritize threat levels and rapidly deploy emergency response if needed. Additionally, users can remotely arm or disarm their space through the app.

Akin to cutting the cord with a cable package, Kami Pro Security cameras require no installation, keypads, central panels or long-term contracts. Pro Security is real-time, works 24/7 (including in dim light or darkness) and supports an unlimited number of cameras. Designed for families, roommates, partners and collaborators, app access is easy to share so the most important people receive real-time alerts.

Kami Pro Security leverages edge AI so data is stored on the device itself rather than a server or in the cloud, reducing costs and latency. If an alarm is triggered, video is securely stored in the cloud for up to six months for play-back access. As with all of Kami Vision solutions, privacy is at the forefront and all videos are protected with bank-level encryption.

Pricing and availability

Kami Pro Security will operate on all Kami Home devices for new and existing customers for an early bird limited time discount of $8.99 per month for a month-by-month subscription or $7.49 per month for an annual subscription. The month-to-month contract ensures maximum flexibility for users, and supports an unlimited number of cameras.

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