Ridge Security PurpleRidge finds and validates vulnerabilities in website security

Ridge Security announced a new website security testing service, PurpleRidge, designed to help organizations with or without dedicated IT teams with a free security test of their web applications, with minimal technical background required.

The web portal follows the security best practices of the OWASP Top 10 Compliance test to help under-resourced organizations find vulnerabilities lurking in their websites as well as better understand their security and risk management posture. The free report includes the automated penetration testing of their web application and a test summary that includes the full list of attack surfaces. A small fee ($299 per report) is charged for a detailed report.

According to recent Verizon research, web application attacks are involved in 26% of all breaches, making it the second most common attack pattern. Most organizations are either budget strapped or lack the appropriate tools and teams to test their website security posture. PurpleRidge automatically tests websites, following the OWASP Top 10 Compliance Test. It clearly indicates the conducted OWASP Top 10 tests and identifies the gaps.

“Cyberattacks cost the SMB segment on average of $25K annually, and they are a growing target by the cybercriminals. Across the board, websites are attacked on average 94 times daily and visited by bots weekly about 2,608 times. It’s critical for security teams to be armed against these alarming statistics,” says Lydia Zhang, President & Co-founder of Ridge Security. “With PurpleRidge, we want to arm security practitioners with the first step in understanding and defending their web application security posture.”

PurpleRidge finds and validates vulnerabilities in website security:

  • Comprehensive security posture measurement: attack surfaces, vulnerabilities and risks
  • Formatted OWASP Top 10 Compliance Report
  • Option to pay-as-you-view

PurpleRidge is free and easy to use and a proven platform that helps security operation teams manage their business risk. Its AI-enabled technology leverages today’s most advanced threat vectors to identify and validate weaknesses in website security. Organizations across e-commerce, legal and professional services, retail stores, VC firms, realtors, among others, currently rely on PurpleRidge Security to test their websites for vulnerabilities. Now, it’s available for free for all:

  • Free Attack Surface report
  • Free Summary report
  • Free test drive of a sample test with a free sample report

IT teams in the US and Canada can access and take advantage of the PurpleRidge service now. Restrictions apply to the following domains: .gov, .mil, .edu.

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