QuoLab unveils SaaS platform to enable sensitive data sharing

QuoLab Technologies has launched its new software as a service (SaaS) platform. QuoLab’s SaaS platform includes two critical capabilities: read-through and multi-tenancy, which will provide Fortune 1,000 SOC teams and MSSPs with an optimized process for conducting investigations and managing threat intelligence data.

Teams will be able to identify patterns, common issues and vulnerabilities across clients while securely and intentionally sharing data, ultimately increasing the value of intelligence and optimizing the workforce.

The cybersecurity market continues to face a shortage of professionals. This is made more challenging with complex requirements for data management, complications with secure data sharing, and extensive, sometimes monotonous, investigative work.

It is with these problems in mind that QuoLab maintains an analyst-first mission. The launch of the company’s SaaS platform will provide analysts with more tools to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

QuoLab’s SaaS platform maximizes the ability to share data between companies and teams – ultimately increasing collaboration and coordination. Read-through capabilities will support analysts in identifying vulnerabilities across departments and locations as well as quickly implement solutions to prevent the same vulnerability from occurring again.

Additionally, QuoLab’s multi-tenancy capabilities will empower security teams to organize and sort data into intentional folders, making it possible for operations such as incident response, or threat hunting to be separated.

MSSPs will benefit from QuoLab’s platform as they will possess a holistic view of compromising indicators that affect their client base. Teams will be able to share threat intelligence securely and intentionally across the organization without bogging members down with unwanted, or sensitive data thereby maintaining confidentiality but optimizing the workforce.

“The ability to keep data segregated, while allowing analysts to mutually agree to share specific intelligence, is a game-changer,” said Daniel Young, CEO, QuoLab.

“The machinations of sharing threat intelligence can be daunting but doing so can prevent vulnerabilities from going undetected and creating a much bigger problem in terms of security, privacy and a company’s bottom line. With these new additions to the QuoLab platform, our customers will be able to exponentially increase the value of a curated data set.”, Young continued.

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