ValidSoft See-Say Trusted Identity Assurance combats credential theft

ValidSoft unveils See-Say Trusted Identity Assurance, a new digit-based voice authentication solution that provides trusted identity assurance – and therefore security – in enterprise remote access (ZTNA/PAM/IAM).

ValidSoft See-Say Trusted Identity Assurance

The solution counters credential theft, social engineering hacks, replay attacks, and synthetic voice deepfake attacks.

See-Say Trusted Identity cleverly combines voice biometric authentication and cryptographically generated numeric digits derived from the details of the privileged access request to create Trusted Identity Assurance – an irrevocable record of the true identity of the individual performing the legitimate access request.

Unlike legacy, vulnerable, One-Time Passcode (OTP) based authentication solutions, the cryptographically generated digits are derived from the access/transaction and spoken in real-time to authenticate the genuine user. Digits are spoken rather than typed, ensuring that the problems of OTP theft, an interception by social engineering, and SIM Swap attacks are solved since for the access request/transaction to be approved, it must be the genuine user’s voice speaking the correct security credential. The user’s identity is therefore trusted, and the legitimate access request is secured to the non-repudiation level.

Whilst See-Say is purpose-built to address the critical, and growing, issue of enterprise identity credential theft, it has broad applicability and can also be deployed to provide an optimum solution to address fraud in e-commerce and payments, in particular P2P payments, whilst also uniquely addressing the issue of first-party fraud (so-called ‘friendly fraud’).

Key features

See-Say ensures Trusted Identity Assurance: The overlay of a voice-biometric verification in conjunction with cryptographically derived numeric digits brings Trusted Identity Assurance to all enterprise workforce remote access requests, and similarly to e-commerce, payments (especially P2P payments), online banking, and other high-risk transactions.

Irrevocable transaction and identity assured: Speaking the OTP, which is cryptographically derived from the access request or transaction, irrevocably binds the individual to the spoken digits, and consequently to the access request/transaction, to a level of non-repudiation.

Frictionless experience: The cryptographically derived digits are generated in real-time, on request, and auto-decayed. The user experience is better, faster, easier, more secure, and more convenient than today’s legacy OTP solutions – just “say what you see.”

Secure user and access/transaction workflow: Designed specifically to address the critical issue of OTP and credential theft, impersonation, and social engineering, since it must be the genuine user’s voice speaking the correct numeric digits.

See-Say Trusted Identity Assurance can be easily deployed via APIs from any client application or service.

ValidSoft is at the forefront of innovation of precision voice authentication by giving businesses and consumers the trusted online ‘identity’ security and experience they need in today’s hacker economy. Users will not need to create, manage or remember multiple passwords or become victims of identity theft or fraud losses. Companies will save on potential fraud losses, reputational risk, consumer class actions, and regulatory fines as well as lowering operational costs such as IT help desk, and password reset costs, all while delivering an outstanding customer experience increasing retention, loyalty, and usage.

“Trustworthiness is a crucial element to all companies’ customer satisfaction and retention strategies and contact center agents are at the front line,” explains Dan Miller, Lead Analyst & Founder of Opus Research. “Using Validsoft’s See-Say Trusted Identity to authenticate customer care personnel is especially important and uniquely beneficial now that work-from-home agents are more commonplace,” says Dan Miller, Lead Analyst & Founder of Opus Research.

“2022 has brought with it the first barrage of socially engineered security credential theft attacks, and we are witnessing first-hand the devastating impact on organizations and consumers alike. If a bad actor gets hold of privileged access security credentials, they can cause havoc. Every organization worldwide is exposed since current authentication deployments are vulnerable to these types of attacks. Validsoft See-Say Trusted Identity Assurance has been custom designed to counter such attacks, and the good news is that it can also be implemented as an overlay on top of existing authentication security defenses. Organizations need to move quickly to address this critical exposure,” says Pat Carroll, CEO, ValidSoft.

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