Consumers prioritize mobile app security over features

Appdome unveiled the results of a global survey that shares the views of 25,000 consumers in 11 countries on mobile app use and consumer expectations of mobile app security.

prioritize mobile app security

With 53.5% of consumers now preferring mobile apps to other digital channels, the report is incredibly timely for all brands with mobile strategies. The survey highlights the rapid consumer movement towards using more mobile apps and an increasing sophistication of global consumers regarding the mobile threat landscape. Likewise, it highlights the fact that global consumers now expect a higher level of security compared to prior years, especially in the mobile apps they use the most.

Consumers made a point to say that security was equal to, or more important, than new features

Approximately 62% of global consumers demand both the best features and security in their mobile experiences, equally. On top of that, approximately 24% say protection against on-device security, fraud, malware threats and attacks is more important than features. Only 13.7% prioritized features over security.

The voice of the consumer delivers great advice for mobile development teams and CISOs

Consumers made it clear that they will reward and promote brands who protect their mobile app data and use, more than they will punish brands that they perceive as not protecting the mobile apps.

  • 70.4% – Demand mobile app protections which go beyond the login screen and data protection, and include anti-fraud and anti-malware protection built into the mobile app.
  • 93.8% – Would promote a brand if the mobile app protected their data and use.
  • 67.9% – Would abandon a brand if they perceived that the mobile app did not protect against on-device threats, with 44% saying they would also tell their friends to abandon the brand.
  • 73% – Would abandon a brand if they experienced an unprotected hack or attack from an on-device threat, with 47.4% saying they would tell their friends to abandon the brand.

“Mobile app growth continues to outpace web and online channels as the consumers’ preferred way to interact with brands, and they have made it clear what protections are needed in every app they use,” said Tom Tovar, CEO, Appdome.

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