NowSecure Mobile PTaaS offers continuous automated compliance testing

NowSecure has launched its latest offering, NowSecure Mobile Pen Testing as a Service (PTaaS), to bridge the gap between automated and manual mobile security assessments for continuous security.

Designed to provide mobile developers and security teams with a more cost-effective, efficient pen testing solution, NowSecure PTaaS combines periodic expert manual assessments with automated continuous testing to optimize for full coverage at a higher frequency rate.

With this combination, the all-in-one portal and service can identify issues earlier in the developer pipeline and provide consultative guidance to remediate security issues and speed deployment of software into production.

As organizations grapple with recession-tightening budgets in conjunction with a heightened threat of mobile cyber attacks, there is an industry need for a cost-efficient, higher-frequency, higher coverage mobile AppSec testing solution. According to the 4th Annual Penetration Risk Report from Coalfire and NowSecure, 99% of mobile applications have security or privacy risks.

By integrating NowSecure Mobile PTaaS, CISOs and security leaders can streamline their pen testing budget while prioritizing continuous, full coverage security testing. Built on over 12 years of mobile application security experience and tens of thousands of pen tests performed, the NowSecure Mobile PTaaS cloud-based platform offers a depth of automated continuous and manual assessments, including:

  • Periodic expert pen testing based on specific need and schedule
  • On-demand and continuous security testing integrated into CI/CD & dev toolchain
  • Automatic generation of tickets that include embedded remediation resources
  • Remediation consulting with an expert pen tester
  • Optional industry standard(s) validations and certifications
  • All-in-one SAST, DAST, IAST, APISec, and SBOM
  • Easy to use, dedicated SaaS platform

“Mobile apps are critically important to business because they generate revenue and connect with customers. The ongoing financial and market pressures are forcing companies to find ways to reduce costs without sacrificing speed or security,” said NowSecure CEO Alan Snyder.

“NowSecure Mobile PTaaS helps to solve these challenges through continuous automated and periodic manual security testing for the depth of coverage needed to ensure a safe, secure mobile app as they are built — all for less than the cost of a single outsourced pen test.”, Snyder continued.

NowSecure Mobile PTaaS provides maximum value to developer and security team budgets, offering on-demand and scheduled pen testing when needed and automated continuous testing for DevSecOps pipelines that align with any risk and security policy. NowSecure PTaaS starts at $18,000 per mobile app binary per year for unlimited automated continuous security testing and four rapid pen tests.

NowSecure PTaaS offers a flexible mix of four pen test options (rapid, targeted, full scope and OWASP MASVS verification), a wide choice of pen testing frequency and four continuous automated security testing options to meet any need efficiently and effectively.

To streamline the remediation process and speed shipping software, all manual and automated assessments include embedded developer remediation resources with issue details, evidence, repair instructions, code samples and links to documentation. In addition, NowSecure expert pen testers partner with security and dev teams to consult on remediation.

After vulnerabilities have been remediated, retesting automation and services are included to confirm mitigation and reinforce confidence that the mobile app is safe, secure and ready for production deployment.

Customers can additionally customize their packages to include more frequent testing options and opt to add on compliance-based assessments for a nominal fee to ensure their application meets the highest industry-set standards. Through the NowSecure Platform portal, customers can receive standards-based assessments across validations for OWASP MASVS, ADA MASA for Google Play, ioXt Compliance Testing and NIAP Compliance Vetting.

NowSecure is an ADA Authorized Lab, an ioXt Alliance Authorized Lab for IoT-connected and VPN-connected mobile apps, and OWASP MASTG Advocate. NowSecure is the pen testing provider that performs OWASP MASVS pen testing for full MASVS L1, L2, L1+R, & L2+R.

“Application development and security teams strive to deliver secure software quickly to market, balancing speed and managing risk,” said Michelle Abraham, Research Director, Security and Trust at IDC.

“To tackle the pen testing challenges of cost, frequency and coverage, we are seeing a growing trend towards Pen Testing as a Service. PTaaS solutions offer a mix of continuous automated security testing and deeper manual pen testing to bring together the best of both worlds.”, Abraham added.

NowSecure Mobile PTaaS joins the full suite of mobile app security solutions from NowSecure including NowSecure Platform for automated security testing, NowSecure Workstation kit for pen tester productivity, NowSecure Supply Chain Risk Management, NowSecure Pen Testing Services, and NowSecure Academy training courseware for dev and security teams.

Built on a foundation of standards and automation, NowSecure empowers organizations to deliver the mobile apps faster and continuously monitor their mobile app supply chains for risk at a lower cost. Mobile innovators trust NowSecure to safeguard their mobile apps, including AT&T, Caribou Coffee, Chime, iRobot and Uber.

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