Satori launches new KPI to track ungoverned data with Access Manager

Satori has unveiled its new Access Manager, a centralized place for customers to manage data use and track the percentage of ungoverned traffic, which is data that is accessed without privacy policies applied, all within one screen.

Access Manager reduces data engineering and DevOps time and costs associated with managing, granting, and revoking data access; simplifies gathering insights into who is accessing what data and for what purpose; and provides a better end-user experience.

Access Manager combines all the settings for datasets, access controls, and security policies that exist in the Satori management console into a single view, adding a layer of analytics on top based on the audit logs captured by the Satori Data Access Controller.

Furthermore, Satori has introduced a “Governed Traffic” metric. Ungoverned data access is not only a huge risk, but traditionally has been challenging to quantify. The powerful new Governed Traffic KPI, visible within the Access Manager screen, allows users to view exactly what percentage of their data is governed by a data access policy.

The metric displays the percentage of data requests that are executed with access policies versus queries that are not. The higher the Governed Traffic percentage, the better – it means companies have more control over their data access processes. Measuring governed traffic will help companies improve their data security and governance posture over time.

“Security and governance teams struggle with quantifying the gap of ungoverned data access, which can pose a significant security risk. With the Governed Traffic metric, our customers can tell in real-time whether their data controls cover the potential threat landscape their organizations face. And, they can instantaneously and automatically assign access rules if any are missing,” said Yoav Cohen, CTO, Satori.

“Tracking a KPI in this way will lead to better security for customer data,” Cohen added.

Access Manager makes it easier than ever for users to uncover trends, pinpoint what data is at risk or missing an access policy, and apply policies with a click of a button – all within minutes.

With Access Manager, admins can:

  • Understand the overall data access governance posture of the organization, and if any permissions need to be modified or revoked
  • Easily view or create datasets and apply access rules from a single location, without having to go back and forth between different screens
  • Give end-users more flexibility in how they gain access to data with predefined permissions and self-service access
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