Trustifi launches upgrades to its product portfolio

Trustifi has launched a series of upgrades to its Inbound Shield, Data Loss Prevention and Email Encryption product portfolio.

Trustifi’s latest product version includes enhancements, including integration with any IdP (identity provider) for simple single-sign-on capabilities, multi-tenant management capabilities to help MSSPs and MSPs, improved administrator pages and enhanced methods for phishing detection.

These upgrades allow IT managers to more seamlessly and easily administer over their company’s email security networks for more accurate and powerful data protection, while enabling zero trust architectures.

New integration with any IdP (identity provider)

Trustifi is now better at enabling today’s in-demand zero trust architectures, allowing users to integrate with their IdP (identity providers such as Okta, OneLogin, Azure Active Directory and others) using simple SAML or OpenID configuration; providing authentication for both users and recipients of secure emails.

This capability is becoming a must-have in SaaS cybersecurity environments, helping to improve the user experience, reduce password problems and increase authentication security.

New multi-tenant MSSP partner enhancements facilitate improved management across all clients

Administrators can now manage multiple customer instances, creating custom data loss protection and email filtering rules across various clients. MSP and MSSP partners can also copy specific configurations from one account and apply them to others in a single click. This helps keep Trustifi customer instances simple, consistent, and well-organized.

Improvements to all dashboards

Trustifi’s interface features a series of graphics that allow administrators to make changes and updates to their security configuration in real-time. This gives Trustifi administrators an intuitive view into their email ecosystem, to detect real-time threats and anomalies more easily within that traffic.

Phishing detection and EMDR automation

Trustifi has enhanced its phishing detection engines to reduce false positives and negatives, allowing users to detect even the most sophisticated social engineering, imposter and spoofing attacks.

As malicious actors become more dangerous and harder to perceive, Trustifi’s tools continue to evolve and remain ahead of the latest tactics. In addition, Trustifi has improved the reporting functions for its EMDR service, automating the team activity log process.

Google Workspace

Trustifi recently aligned all the solutions’ capabilities, including scan-back, threat-response, groups/aliases sync and more, to function seamlessly within the Google Workspace platforms (formerly G-Suite). Administrators can identify and remove live emails from users’ inboxes based on sender, recipient, keyword or threat.

This allows system managers to redact a questionable email or eradicate a message that may have been flagged as suspicious after reaching an inbox.

“It’s Trustifi’s mission to outpace the progress of malicious activity in the email security space by constantly advancing its offering, fine-tuning its capabilities and adding new, intelligent and powerful tools,” said Maor Dahan, CTO of Trustifi.

“With these new updates, Trustifi is easily positioned as a technological leader with the most advanced capabilities the market has to bear. And they are offered at a competitive price point that can help companies economize while achieving best-in-class protection,” Dahan continued.

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