Living Security and GuidePoint Security collaborate to minimize human risk exposure

Living Security and GuidePoint Security collaboration will deliver Living Security’s Human Risk Management solutions and security awareness training to even more organizations within GuidePoint Security’s ecosystem.

Cybersecurity incidents continue to increase daily and a vast majority of those incidents can be linked back to human action. Living Security empowers security leaders with a data-centric approach to identify the most vulnerable segments within their workforce so they can best mitigate human risk exposure, manage contribution to overall risk over time, and change behavior within their organizations.

“We’re continuing to broaden our channel partner program and are excited to join forces with GuidePoint Security. With Living Security’s Human Risk Management platform, we are providing security leaders the ability to analyze and correlate data in a way they have never been able to do before, assessing human behaviors within their organizations to actively minimize human risk exposure,” said Drew Rose, CSO of Living Security.

“Human Risk Management represents a revolution in how enterprises can identify, respond to, and report on behavior-driven risk within their organizations,” said Ashley Rose, CEO of Living Security.

“Our vision is to help all organizations focus on the next frontier in cybersecurity, the human factor, and this new partnership with GuidePoint Security will allow us to bring our solutions to even more organizations looking to move the needle of risk and thrive in this new connected age,” Rose continued.

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