Valeo and C2A Security partner to improve security for customers and modern vehicles

Valeo and C2A Security have unveiled a strategic collaboration to enhance Valeo’s cybersecurity offerings on their products in development and continuous operations.

The new partnership addresses the industry’s need for streamlined and efficient cybersecurity.

As cars become more software-centric and new automotive cyber regulations emerge, security increases in priority. Inefficient and manual cybersecurity can become a bottleneck for OEMs, Tier 1s, and other suppliers to create competitive products, making automated and scalable cybersecurity solutions necessary.

C2A Security’s partnership with Valeo will allow the automotive industry to implement automated cybersecurity, keeping security at the forefront while enabling innovation and future business.

“A software-defined architecture involves many more challenges when it comes to cyber security and we take these challenges very seriously. This is why we are partnering with C2A, which specializes in mobility cybersecurity,” said Geoffroy Bouquot Group CTO & SVP Strategy at Valeo.

“C2A is the future of cybersecurity, and with their technologies to automate security, together, we will go further in monitoring, preventing risk, identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities. This means even greater cybersecurity for our products, customers, and for your cars. We will act on the whole lifecycle of our products,” Geoffroy Bouquot continued.

C2A Security’s flagship product EVSec is an innovative cybersecurity DevOps platform that helps automotive companies manage software at scale. The platform was built to automate the compliance process for cybersecurity standards and regulations.

EVSec enables developers to focus on innovation, such as new products and features, to provide more business value to the end customer while getting built-in, efficient, and streamlined cybersecurity at scale.

“This partnership enables Valeo to enhance its cybersecurity management of its products, adds another layer of confidence to Valeo’s customers and turns cybersecurity to a real business enabler,” said Roy Fridman, CEO of C2A Security.

“We are proud to be working with Valeo on our common goal to enable the electric, autonomous, and connected mobility revolution while maintaining the safety of vehicles and their drivers across the globe,” Fridman added.

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