Chris Cabrera joins Arkose Labs Board of Directors

Arkose Labs has announced that Chris Cabrera, founder and CEO of Xactly Corporation, has joined its Board of Directors effective Jan. 1, 2023.

Cabrera is the company’s seventh board member, and represents the interest of common shareholders. Arkose Labs’ board now is composed of three independent directors, three directors serving the company’s investors, and founder and CEO Kevin Gosschalk.

Cabrera is a seasoned executive with experience leading early-stage and public companies. As a board director who has deep expertise running day-to-day operations, Cabrera will work closely with management to navigate the current economic environment and advance its corporate priorities.

“We’re pleased to welcome Chris to our Board,” Gosschalk said. “His deep operational and GTM experience are very strong additions to the leadership of Arkose Labs. The company as a whole will benefit from his knowledge, business acumen, and experience running companies, as we finetune operations to execute our strategy and drive profitability.”

Cabrera is energized by the opportunity in front of Arkose Labs, stating: “Arkose Labs’ vision, technology efficacy, and product roadmap is exactly what is needed by enterprises for immediate and permanent protection from complex bot attacks. Furthermore, in this rocky economy, the company is saving its customers millions of dollars on downstream costs.”

Cyber attacks are accelerating, evolving, and bots are getting smarter and ubiquitous. New analysis from the Arkose Labs threat research team shows that attack attempts rose 2X in H2 2022 over H1. Cybercrime-as-a-Service is skyrocketing and enabling anyone to buy “off the shelf” bots to perpetrate online crimes, like account takeover and fake account creation.

At the same time CISOs’ budgets are, at best, remaining flat, in many cases being reduced. The resulting effect is more adversaries deploying more massive, volumetric attacks, while CISOs deal with labor shortages and belt-tightening.

“CISOs are looking for solutions that can outpace and outsmart adversaries. We’re a proactive solution with a finger on the pulse of bad actors rather than a reactive solution that is tuning the system after the fact, as a result we detect and stop more attacks than competitors.” Gosschalk said.

“Customers tell us the results they experience are game-changing – 80% increase in good user throughput, 98% decrease in attacks, plus their security strategies are delivering material savings on downstream costs, like the reduction of support time managing compromised accounts, decreasing fraud case management for fraud teams, lowering disruption rates for new consumers, and reducing infrastructure costs by removing high volumes of bad bot traffic,” Gosschalk concluded.

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