PagerDuty Status Pages provide proactive customer communication during incidents

Status Pages allow PagerDuty customers to proactively communicate status updates with their customers while keeping both internal technical teams and customer service teams informed, as well.

Intuitive, easy to use, and able to be set up in minutes, the new add-on feature is fully integrated into the PagerDuty platform, minimizing friction and eliminating context switching as teams are working to both resolve an incident and inform customers of its status. This release continues to expand the capabilities of the PagerDuty Operations Cloud.

The 2022 State of Service Report from Salesforce found that nearly half of customers will switch brands for better customer service when something goes wrong, and that they view open communication as a key factor in how they rate the quality of customer service.

And while customers understand that even the most resilient digital systems face issues, a lack of information and transparency when issues arise often results in an erosion of brand loyalty.

PagerDuty Status Pages provide visual, real-time insights into an organization’s operations, and the status of incident resolution.

PagerDuty users can proactively and securely communicate real-time operational updates with customers directly from the PagerDuty platform, eliminating the need to context switch to other tools, giving users one platform, PagerDuty, as the single source of truth.

PagerDuty Status Pages improve customer experience, reduce the burden on support teams, and eliminate the need to maintain separate status page infrastructure, allowing businesses to consolidate their tools while providing better service to their customers.

“In 2023, customer retention will be one of the biggest factors determining whether a business can survive – let alone thrive,” said Sean Scott, PagerDuty Chief Product Development Officer.

“With Status Pages, PagerDuty customers can now communicate status updates directly with their customers to keep them informed, engaged, and happy with your brand. Status Pages were one of our most requested features from our customers in the past year. By making this our first newly available feature in 2023, we continue to demonstrate how the PagerDuty Operations Cloud delivers solutions that meet their biggest business needs,” Scott continued.

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