Zyxel Astra prevents unauthorized endpoint access

Zyxel Networks launched the Zyxel Astra, a new cloud-based endpoint security service that enables SMBs to secure remote users regardless of their location.

Zyxel Astra

Designed to address the unique network security challenges presented by hybrid work environments, Astra enables network administrators to monitor and secure all endpoints through a single, intuitive portal to provide a protective bubble over roaming employees.

Easy-to-use and manage Astra service predicts and prevents unauthorized endpoint access by providing authentication and access control through the ability to identify people, devices, and applications. Real-time web-browsing detection identifies malicious content, and automatically responds to various levels of threats, as determined by the policies established by the network administrator.

Features and benefits of Astra

Borderless perimeter security – Astra’s cloud-based threat intelligence database is automatically updated and pushed to endpoints in real-time. The service places all aspects of security protection back into the hands of network administrators, enabling them to monitor and secure users regardless of where they are physically located.

Ease-of-setup and use – Astra allows network administrators to easily monitor and control security settings on remote devices via an intuitive web portal and mobile app. The Astra app can be installed on mobile devices to enhance endpoint security and protect the company and its employees from phishing and exploit attacks, without compromising device performance.

Ease-of-management – Employees’ devices are easily monitored and managed using the Astra portal. The unified platform coordinates and prioritizes alerts, creates reports and analyses of abnormal events, provides instant visibility and control with customized security requirements, such as policy settings, and blocks websites before data breaches occur.

The easy-to-use Astra platform enables administrators to view abnormal activities by event or member to predict and identify which of the suspicious events qualify as malicious attacks. Customizable content filtering profiles allow content categories to be restricted at the user level, allowing access to website URLs based upon business needs. Detailed threat statistics and network traffic analysis and security indicators allow network administrators to monitor members more effectively.

“The transition to hybrid work policies has created a mobile workforce that provides new levels of flexibility to both businesses and their employees, but has resulted in the decentralization of the network, and is increasing the risk of cyberattacks to SMBs,” explained Tri Nguyen, Channel Sales and Product Manager at Zyxel Networks.

“Securing the business is no longer only about securing the network. For people working on mobile devices outside of the corporate network, security must be enforced on the user’s device at the endpoint to provide a front-line defense against threats such as phishing and exploit attacks. That is why Astra is such an important service for SMBs in this new hybrid work environment,” added Nguyen.

The Zyxel Astra app is available now as a licensed service for iOS and Android. A 30-day free trial for five users is available, allowing each licensed user to install Astra on up to two mobile phones. Available in five-user licenses with monthly and annual subscription options, each user can install Zyxel Astra on up to two mobile phones.

Subscription for each five-user license is $6.25 per month or $60 per year. Businesses can purchase licenses to support up to 999 employees, with the ability to manage them from a single Astra portal.

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