Perimeter 81 collaborates with AVANT to expand access to SASE solutions

A Zero Trust Networking Access (ZTNA) security posture is quickly becoming an industry standard worldwide. More than 85% of organizations across the globe have allocated a moderate or, in some cases, a significant year-over-year increase in budget for Zero Trust initiatives.

Perimeter 81 has partnered with AVANT, a platform for IT decision-making and the premier technology services distributor, to offer its solutions to thousands of trusted advisors worldwide. This partnership gives Perimeter 81 access to an array of new partners to quickly scale and strengthen its global presence and bolsters AVANT’s portfolio of offerings.

With a comprehensive, easy-to-install ZTNA solution like Perimeter 81’s now in its playbook, AVANT can reach new revenue streams and lead the way as a technology solutions broker globally.

“The crux of our mission is providing corporations around the globe with better cybersecurity. Through our new partnership with AVANT, we are able to achieve that by increasing our visibility and presence in new regions,” said Amit Bareket, CEO of Perimeter 81. “The demand for SASE is only going to grow, and we are eager to have the chance to help thousands of new partners feel more confident in their overall security.”

Gartner predicts ZTNA will be the fastest-growing global network security market in 2023. With recent recognition by Frost & Sullivan for its success in securing corporate networks worldwide, Perimeter 81 has shown its unparalleled value to trusted advisors.

“AVANT is proud to work with clients all across the globe, and with Zero Trust adoption on the rise, we wanted to make sure our Trusted Advisors have access to a best-in-class solution that is also easy to install,” said Drew Lydecker, President of AVANT. “Our partnership with Perimeter 81 gives us just that — a comprehensive, quick-to-market product. As we kick off the new year, we are eager to have Perimeter 81’s solutions in our toolbox to help our Trusted Advisors better navigate the rapidly evolving technology landscape.”

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