OTAVA releases Security as a Service to protect users against all attack vectors

OTAVA launched Security as a Service (SECaaS) for businesses that need external resources or added expertise to maintain a comprehensive cybersecurity practice.

OTAVA’s purpose-built Security as a Service solutions cut through the noise of automated alerting and protect against all vectors of attack.

“Cyber threats continue to escalate, so we have tapped into our deep expertise in security and regulatory compliance to help businesses overcome their increasing technical debt and alert fatigue,” said TJ Houske, SVP of Technology, Operations, and Engineering, OTAVA. “We act as an extension of our customers’ teams to immediately improve their cybersecurity posture so that they can thrive with the knowledge that their businesses are protected by top experts with the most advanced technologies.”

Multi-cloud service provider OTAVA has a long history of successfully creating business resiliency for its customers. Its team of experts have decades of experience serving clients’ needs for compliance and data protection, as well as providing breach mitigation, incident resolution, and data recovery support. OTAVA’s data centers feature a strong, built-in security focus and compliance framework to protect its customers against ransomware and other malicious viral attacks.

Now, OTAVA has expanded its security solutions portfolio to deliver a very timely and valuable managed service that empowers clients with robust security at every layer.

“Many providers offer undifferentiated out of the box solutions, but OTAVA stands out for tying its technical expertise to a deep understanding of individual customer needs. Our new Security as a Service solution provides an invaluable benefit in today’s difficult business climate – the ability to stay protected while operating at full speed, pursuing their goals,” concluded Houske.

The OTAVA’s team of security and compliance experts evaluates customers’ business environment and challenges and provides the right solution. To do this, every customer alert is run through AI software, then the data is overlaid with human expertise, and presented with meaningful, actionable information that reveals the customer’s current security posture, their roadmap to compliance, and continued protection.

Now available, OTAVA Security as a Service solutions are designed to protect against all attack vectors including malware, phishing, ransomware, compromised credentials, DOS attacks, insider threats and more. OTAVA partners with leading cyber security vendors. Its security solutions include SIEM, MSSP, SOC, and vulnerability scanning, as well as endpoint protection, web access firewall services, email security, multi-factor authentication (MFA), extended security services (BAA, SSL Procurement), and security and awareness training.

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