Trulioo identity verification platform helps businesses achieve regulatory compliance

Trulioo continues to evolve its identity verification capabilities by combining a full suite of global person and business verification solutions with no-code workflow building, low-code integrations and more, all in one platform.

Trulioo identity platform

With one contract Trulioo customers can access personally identifiable information matching, Identity Document Verification, Utility Data for proof of address, Business Verification for in-depth person-of-significant-control and ultimate-beneficial-owner verification, watchlist screening and ongoing monitoring, and anti-fraud capabilities.

“Trulioo is the identity platform businesses turn to in order to solve the inherent complexity in onboarding customers globally,” said Steve Munford, Trulioo CEO.

“We enable businesses to offer their goods and services in nearly every country in the world and remain compliant. We provide our customers with industry-leading capabilities backed by best-in-class customer success so they can focus on their business and customers,” Munford continued.

Combating digital distrust and fraud

The surge in online shopping, mobile payments and digital currencies in recent years presents opportunities for innovation and growth. But it also poses challenges for businesses to mitigate fraud and meet evolving regulations such as Know Your Customer, Know Your Business and Anti-Money Laundering requirements around the world.

“The identity and regulatory worlds are complex, especially for businesses who are multi-national,” says David Mattei, Strategic Advisor at Aite-Novarica Group.

“Meeting KYC, KYB, and AML requirements across multiple countries, numerous identity data sources, and country-specific regulatory environments is a significant challenge. On top of that, companies need customizable workflows to deploy these types of solutions within their ecosystems. A solution that combines identity verification and compliance on a global scale while also being client-configurable is a much-needed capability in the industry,” Mattei continued.

One platform. One contract. One unified experience for Trulioo customers

With one platform and one contract, companies can deliver streamlined onboarding and create intuitive user experiences that build trust and inclusivity.

Trulioo leverages extensive expertise, customizable identity verification workflows and comprehensive global data sources to empower customers to take their business anywhere in the world.

In addition to global person and business verification services, Trulioo delivers:

  • The Trulioo Portal, providing single sign-on access to all verification services, no-code and low-code integration methods, auditable reporting and performance analytics
  • Workflow Studio, a no-code workflow builder allowing users to rapidly build, configure and deploy logic-driven identity workflows
  • API Direct, providing the option to connect any Trulioo service to an existing system through a single low-code API
  • Connection to third-party applications and first-party, external data sources
  • Navigator, an online education hub making solution and industry expertise accessible with guided workshops and training for best practices
  • White-glove service and ongoing support from trusted experts, including data source research and process optimization

“We built a platform that solves for the numerous identity verification challenges global enterprises face every day,” said Michael Ramsbacker, Trulioo CPO.

“Trulioo is the only company that delivers an integrated, high-performance platform with comprehensive capabilities, out-of-the-box processes and models, easy no-code configurability, and the ability to customize and amend functionality. We are giving our customers the power to create verification workflows that best meet their needs with just one contract and in one intuitive platform,” Ramsbacker added.


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