Everbridge DigitalOps Insights provides visibility into IT service disruptions

Everbridge has introduced a new AI-powered situational awareness tool enabling incident commanders and resolvers to gain deep visibility into IT service disruptions.

Available as part of Everbridge’s Digital Operations solutions bundle, DigitalOps Insights powered by xMatters provides Operations/IT​, NOC/SOC​, Service Desk, DevOps, and Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) teams with enriched signals for better insight and actionable recommendations to accelerate response and minimize business impacts from service interruptions, unplanned events, and patch or security incidents.

“The situational awareness that AI-powered DigitalOps Insights brings to Everbridge accelerates time to resolution and cuts out duplicate work,” said Valerie O’Connell, Research Director at EMA.

“Scoring, ranking, and action-focused insight tailor the resolution process for automated triage and subject matter expert (SME) notification. Everything needed for restoration of services happens predictably, efficiently, and quickly,” O’Connell added.

Incorporating over 350 integrations for system observability and service impact monitoring, Everbridge DigitalOps Insights powered by xMatters features:

  • Al-powered insight delivery and management screens​ with current and historical incident views
  • Accelerated Root Cause Analysis​ for faster incident resolution​
  • Ad-hoc resolver insights and recommendations​ to reduce mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Incident linking​ with timeline entries and prescriptive behaviors​
  • Advanced runbook search and automated launch

“When it comes to IT service disruptions, organizations cannot afford to sit back and be reactive in this ever-evolving digital landscape,” said Bryan Barney, CPO at Everbridge.

“We need to know what’s coming and have the best intelligence available to make accurate decisions, lower risk, and minimize downtime. AI-powered data analytic tools like DigitalOps Insights are the backbone of an efficient and effective IT service response, providing the ability to detect and diagnose disruptions as they occur, and allowing for quick and accurate resolution, while minimizing impact to business operations,” Barney continued.

DigitalOps Insights complements Everbridge’s recently released Service Intelligence capability, which ensures smooth-running IT services​ by combining visualizations for mapping service graphs with dependency mapping, root cause identification, service ownership, change intelligence, and automation – all in one, purpose-built resolver console.

With its acquisition and integration of xMatters in 2021, Everbridge’s Digital Operations Platform helps organizations save time, maintain customer satisfaction, deliver continuous service uptime, and innovate.

The platform extends Everbridge’s Critical Event Management (CEM) solutions to further support customers’ digital transformation efforts, providing Everbridge’s enterprise customers with the ability to automate and streamline digital service delivery and incident management across teams and toolsets, while continuing to meet key uptime service-level agreements (SLAs), and deliver great customer experiences.

“I really like the potential of the new Insights feature in xMatters,” said Raj Bhambra, Operational Improvement Manager in the Monitoring & Performance Office of the CTO at Virgin Media O2.

“I believe it’ll allow us to reduce how long incidents take to resolve by engaging the right stakeholders and support groups during incidents using machine learning,” Bhambra added.

Everbridge’s Digital Operations Platform includes many capabilities to help organizations assess digital service interruptions, act quickly to mitigate these issues, and continuously improve processes and services.

It addresses organizations’ IT Ops, Security Ops & Cyber, DevOps, Infrastructure Ops, Customer Support, and Major Incident Management (MIM) needs to keep operations running, safeguard revenue, and enhance enterprise operational resilience by managing digital and physical critical events through a single pane of glass.

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