SecuriThings Managed Service Platform secures physical security devices

SecuriThings announced a new Managed Service Platform for the physical security space that enables managed service providers to manage, visualize and maintain customer environments from a single pane of glass.

SecuriThings Managed Service Platform

Organizations across the globe invest extensively in buying and installing fleets of physical security devices – often across multiple sites, countries and continents. These assets require regular maintenance to stay operational, compliant and secure from cyber attacks: from password rotations and firmware upgrades, to general availability checks and more.

With SecuriThings’ Managed Service Platform, managed service providers (MSPs) can now offer customers the option of outsourcing the management and maintenance of their physical security devices to a dedicated team of experts.

This includes automating critical maintenance tasks like firmware upgrades, password rotations, vulnerability detection and more – while leveraging alerts and root cause analysis to detect, diagnose, and resolve operational issues rapidly and efficiently with real-time data.

The platform also enables MSPs to increase their top and bottom lines by introducing additional revenue streams, cutting costs such as truck rolls and maintenance callouts, and providing a competitive, cost-effective service for customers.

This new offering is currently only available to select partners, and will become generally available in the coming months.

“Our newly-introduced Managed Service Platform opens an exciting opportunity for our partners,” said SecuriThings CEO Roy Dagan. “They can now offer a remote managed service to maintain and secure their customers’ physical security environments throughout their life cycle. And of course, for customers looking to outsource device management operations, it offers a convenient and cost-effective way to ensure their physical security devices are properly maintained, protected from cyber threats, and fully compliant with IT policies and standards.”

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