LogRhythm and Trend Micro help organizations defend their critical assets

Together, LogRhythm and Trend Micro are empowering security teams to confidently navigate a changing threat landscape and quickly secure their environments. The combined solution allows security teams to pull threat data from multiple sources, correlate the data, and automate a response.

Threat intelligence gathered for an organization can be limited to the specific scope of the security product they are using and its analytical abilities, drastically reducing its ability to protect itself from serious and evasive threats.

Trend Micro overcomes this limitation by enabling correlation of data across email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, and networks.

The integration with LogRhythm SIEM builds upon these capabilities, helping security teams centralize detection of malware threats and reduce response time.

“The fight against today’s advanced threats calls for effective detection as organizations need the ability to correlate data from multiple security products to quickly identify threats and limit the risk and damage,” said Andrew Hollister, CISO at LogRhythm.

“LogRhythm SIEM accelerates response to malware threats to minimize damage, streamlining the response of security analysts. And with this new partnership, our advanced capabilities can automatically incorporate data from Trend Micro, enable increased investigative abilities and ensure that our customers are at the forefront in defending their critical assets,” Hollister added.

LogRhythm SIEM collects and analyzes Trend Micro Vision One logs to help teams understand an attack. As logs are ingested into LogRhythm SIEM, SmartResponse for Trend Micro can automatically block list hashes, IP addresses, domain URLs, or mailboxes when something suspicious is detected.

The security administrator can then isolate endpoints to run investigations and resolve security issues. If a potential threat is detected that requires deeper analysis of a file, security teams can use LogRhythm’s SmartResponse to submit the file to VisionOne.

Other key benefits of this integration include:

  • Correlating detection and deep activity data across multiple security layers
  • Gaining deep visibility into all aspects of the user, network, and endpoint behavior activity throughout the IT environment
  • Suppressing the spread of cyber incidents

“LogRhythm offers extensive support for and integration across Trend Micro’s product portfolio, and we are thrilled to announce our partnership with them,” said Mike Gibson, SVP of Global Customer Success at Trend Micro.

“The LogRhythm SmartResponse for the Trend Micro integration provides enhanced threat detection and response capabilities, with the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to alarms. This partnership showcases our commitment to delivering top-notch threat detection and response solutions,” Gibson continued.

This announcement comes on the heels of LogRhythm’s recent integration announcement with Gigamon, which empowers security teams to identify behavioral anomalies, internal and external threats, and to prioritize their responses based on accurate enterprise security intelligence.

Earlier this year, LogRhythm announced a series of expanded capabilities and integrations for its security operations solutions, which included updates to the company’s cloud-native LogRhythm Axon platform.

These innovations and new integrations further LogRhythm’s mission of empowering security teams to navigate today’s ever-changing threat landscape with confidence.

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