Netwrix Privilege Secure eliminates standing privileged accounts across on-premises databases

Netwrix has released Netwrix Privilege Secure (formerly Netwrix SbPAM), which expands its zero standing privileges (ZSP) approach to databases to ensure privileged accounts exist for only as long as needed.

“Netwrix Privilege Secure now eliminates standing privileged accounts across on-premises databases, further reducing the attack surface for both external and internal threats,” says Jeff Warren, SVP of Products at Netwrix.

“Our innovative ZSP approach replaces risky privileged accounts with ephemeral accounts that grant the minimum access required and that exist only as long as needed — thwarting adversaries seeking elevated access to move laterally and complete their attacks,” Warren added.

The rebranded product includes additional enhancements that empower customers to:

  • Identify all privileged accounts across the IT ecosystem through integrated discovery capabilities.
  • Spot threats and investigate incidents faster through enhanced metadata and keystroke search capabilities across both live and recorded privileged sessions.
  • Generate reports for both internal and external auditors using an expanded selection of out-of-the-box reports, customization options and favorites.
  • Deal with the unexpected when managing service accounts, thanks to expanded controls to pause, resume, undo and roll back changes.
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