Atos 5Guard strengthens 5G security posture for organizations

Atos has launched its new ‘5Guard’ security offering for organizations looking to deploy private 5G networks and for telecom operators looking to enable integrated, automated, and orchestrated security to protect and defend their assets and customers.

A new end-to-end 5G security portfolio

As 5G is now highly strategic for business, with customers looking to improve their 5G security posture, Atos’ offering aims to help organizations identify risks and develop an end-to-end security strategy to protect critical business and data and accelerate their digital transformation.

5Guard minimizes risks across radio access network (RAN), multiple access edge computing (MEC), 5G core network, and multi-cloud platforms.

More specifically, Atos’ 5Guard offering consists of:

  • Support in definition of 5G security strategy, through Atos’ consulting capabilities. Atos helps clients assess their systems, designs, architectures and then provides strategic recommendations – based on the security capabilities of the infrastructure, architecture, and components, in accordance with security standards, frameworks and regulations. Atos’ strategic recommendations address customer’s business requirements based on their risk appetite.
  • 5G data and network security solutions to cover identified risks and security gaps, leveraging best-of-breed 5G security vendors and Atos’ proprietary technological building blocks.
  • Related in Atos’ product portfolio are: Atos’ encryption solutions (Trustway); identity and access management software; public key infrastructure solutions (IDnomic); and Atos Managed Detection and Response (MDR) platform that elevates the security of 5G network elements, applications and workloads, by detecting and responding to potential threats in near real-time.
  • Partner solutions include 5G security set of solutions by Fortinet, providing comprehensive security for user and control planes, application and platform protection, exposure security and multi-tenant security.
  • 5G security operations, based on Atos managed security services, for multi-cloud security, detection and response, and 5G network security.

5Guard can also be integrated with Atos’ private secure radio network system, Lifelink, for organizations looking to deploy fully featured and secured 4G LTE and 5G private networks.

Addressing a wide range of 5G security needs

With 5Guard, Atos helps customers meet their specific 5G private network security requirements in compliance with international regulations, such as 3GPP.

Atos also partners with 5G operators, enabling them to extend their portfolio and/or generate new opportunities, by leveraging Atos’ experience in designing, deploying, and operating agile cloud to edge security solutions.

By accessing Atos’ global community of security experts who help orchestrate and monitor 5G network security, customer security teams will benefit from best practices for maintaining secure networks.

“While 5G can be a game-changer for organizations, we want them to be able to streamline their security deployment and configuration process in their specific 5G environment.” said Zeina Zakhour, VP CTO Digital Security at Atos.

“Our 5Guard cutting-edge offering represents our commitment to providing the highest level of security for organizations looking to deploy private 5G networks and for telecom operators,” Zakhour added..

“We are delighted to collaborate with Atos in delivering their ‘5Guard’ 5G security offering. Fortinet solutions provide cybersecurity capabilities for private and public 5G networks and services and enable greater trust and compliance. By interfacing with Atos’ managed security services, we provide a comprehensive solution that protects 5G networks, 5G-enabled industrial environments and 5G services, for the benefit of the ecosystem,” said John Maddison, EVP of Products and CMO at Fortinet.

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