MSPAlliance Cyber Verify helps MSPs achieve compliance

MSPAlliance unveiled Cyber Verify, a Compliance-as-a-Service platform that not only facilitates MSPs in achieving compliance but also enables them to offer compliance services to their customers.

The platform has been developed to streamline the previously complex audit process and now makes compliance an achievable goal for all MSPs.

“Cyber Verify is the culmination of nearly 20 years of experience in the MSP certification business,” said Celia Weaver, president of MSPAlliance. “The platform achieves two primary objectives of simplifying MSP compliance, while also enabling MSPs of all sizes to enter the lucrative and necessary “compliance as a service” business.”

Overcoming compliance challenges

One of the challenges MSPs face is lack of relevant experience in compliance. Unless you are a larger enterprise class company, most MSPs do not have compliance officers or departments tasked with MSP organizational compliance. Cyber Verify solves this problem.

Cyber Verify acts as an extension of or as your MSP compliance department. The platform can help you achieve crucial internal documentation of policies, procedures, and other related documentation, but it can also assist in the development of specific controls necessary to achieve compliance.

Through MSP Verify, Cloud Verify, and other reports, MSPs utilizing Cyber Verify can use these reports to communicate compliance, cybersecurity, data privacy, and other relevant information to customers and regulators.

Cyber Verify brings new capabilities to the professional MSP marketplace

Cyber Verify brings new capabilities to the professional MSP marketplace by enabling MSPs to deliver and monetize “compliance as a service” offerings to their customers. Many end-user organizations are asking their MSPs for assistance in a variety of areas which can all be classified as “compliance.”

Whether it is completing cybersecurity insurance forms, satisfying regulatory requirements, or meeting an actual standard or framework such as CMMC, ISO 27001, or SOC 2, MSPs are in a unique position to help their clients in these matters.

“What I think MSPs will really love about Cyber Verify is how easy to use it is,” said Charles Weaver CEO of MSPAlliance. “One of the biggest frustrations MSPs have with legacy auditor experiences is how difficult it is to understand what auditors need to do their work. This is also one of the biggest reasons MSPs do not seek out certification. Cyber Verify simplifies the entire process of audit preparation, remediation, and certification.”

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