Tanium expands XEM platform with enhanced device and policy management

Tanium has released its new certificate manager and enhanced policy management capabilities, offering organizations convenient tool consolidation, cost and time savings, and more accurate reporting via Tanium’s XEM platform.

Organizations today struggle to see and manage digital certificates; the average modern enterprise manages up to hundreds of thousands of certificates, often through manual means.

When digital certificates are not managed properly, the resulting downtime can impact business operations and cause financial and reputational damage, with recent research estimating that unplanned downtime from expired certificates costs organizations upwards of $300,000 per hour.

“IT environments continue to grow in complexity, leaving organizations to grapple with countless disparate tools and manual processes to find and patch vulnerabilities, configure policies, and manage certificates, all while keeping pace with the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber threats,” said Nic Surpatanu, CPO, Tanium.

“By adding new capabilities to our XEM platform for certificate management, device management for macOS, and enhanced policy for Windows, organizations are able to consolidate point solutions with a single management platform across all endpoints,” Surpatanu added.

Unlike other certificate management solutions, Tanium’s XEM platform can modernize certificate management to inventory certificates across all endpoints, even ones invisible to existing tools, provide visibility into expiring or unauthorized certificates, and find ciphers and certificates vulnerable to compromise, in real-time via a single endpoint management platform.

It also enables organizations to inventory cryptographic services in preparation for moving to quantum resistant encryption.

“Effective certificate management is essential for organizations to achieve their cybersecurity and vulnerability and risk management hygiene goals. The sheer number of certificates that each organization must identify and manage across the business make certificate management incredibly challenging,” said Jennifer Glenn, research director for IDC’s Security and Trust Group.

“Capabilities that add visibility and automated inventory of digital certificates, like those in the Tanium XEM platform, allow enterprises to more proactively manage expiring certificates, helping to minimize the risk of costly outages that can take down business-value systems,” Glenn continued.

Tanium also expanded its XEM platform with enhancements to Tanium Enforce, which provides unified policy and configuration management at scale, allowing organizations to simplify and centralize management of their devices.

New features and capabilities include:

  • USB removable storage management – Enables granular control and reporting on USB removable storage devices via a single platform/client that can prevent malware and data exfiltration while providing access for authorized devices.
  • Device management for macOS – Provides customers the ability to enroll macOS devices, enforce compliance and security policies, and patch vulnerabilities from the same Tanium XEM platform that also manages their Windows and Linux devices.
  • Enhanced policy management for Windows – Allows organizations to manage, enforce, and report on their policies across local and remote endpoints whether joined to a domain or not.
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