GNOME 44 features improved settings panels for Device Security

GNOME 44, code-named Kuala Lumpur, is now available. The GNOME Circle now includes many new apps, and both the Software and Files apps have undergone enhancements.

The new version features a grid view in the file chooser, improved settings panels for Device Security and Accessibility, and refined quick settings in the shell.

gnome device security

Device Security was introduced to the Settings app in GNOME 43. The updated version now displays the security status of the device as a description, such as “Protected,” “Checks Passed,” or “Checks Failed,” making it easier to comprehend.

Furthermore, a new feature has been added to generate a device security report for those interested in delving into the technical aspects of reporting device security issues. This report overviews the device’s underlying operations and can be easily copied into support requests and issue reports.

GNOME 44 is available for download here.

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