SecureAuth and HashiCorp join forces to deliver passwordless continuous authentication

SecureAuth and HashiCorp partnership will enable organizations to leverage SecureAuth’s advanced passwordless authentication and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) device recognition.

To increase security and deployment velocity for cloud DevOps environments, SecureAuth delivers support for Arculix MFA into the HashiCorp Cloud Platform (HCP) Vault via the Command Line Interface (CLI) and Application Programming Interface (API).

Organizations can easily authenticate into HCP Vault using single sign on (SSO) with SecureAuth’s Arculix. SecureAuth ensures that users have better security in their cloud DevOps environments and an improved experience with passwordless continuous authentication using a risk analytics Dynamic Level of Assurance (DLOA) engine driven by artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML).

Starting immediately, HCP Vault customers can leverage SecureAuth’s next-generation authentication solutions. The SecureAuth solution can thus implement SSO with their product, providing visibility for both parties and allowing SecureAuth to be the credentials gateway for HashiCorp’s HCP Vault.

This integration bolsters identity security for HashiCorp customers, giving them device trust and passwordless authentication for a frictionless user experience.

“Security is a top priority for enterprises today,” said Asvin Ramesh, Sr. Director, Partner Alliances of HashiCorp. “By connecting HCP Vault with SecureAuth solutions, we’re giving our joint customers an integrated solution that offers a secure and frictionless experience to access their critical credentials.”

“We think that the HashiCorp Cloud Platform Vault is important for enterprises to have as an additional security layer for development life cycles,” said Mandeep Khera, CMO of SecureAuth.

“SecureAuth not only supports this product, but it makes HCP Vault more efficient and increases security. This partnership will provide HashiCorp users with the ability to seamlessly bolster security while providing frictionless user experience with passwordless continuous authentication,” Khera continued.

With SecureAuth, organizations can focus on a flexible and scalable AWS cloud environment, with HashiCorp lessening the need for static, hard-coded credentials by utilizing trusted identities.

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