Protegrity Borderless Data Solution enables compliant cross-border data flows

Protegrity has launched the Protegrity Borderless Data Solution to enable easy, secure and compliant cross-border data flows for large global enterprises.

The new solution brings together a suite of data security tools designed to help the world’s largest banks, retailers and health insurers continue to reap the benefits of their investments in globalization in an increasingly unstable and fragmented global privacy regulatory landscape.

“Cross-border data flows are the cornerstone of our rapidly digitizing global economy,” said Paul Mountford, CEO at Protegrity.

“Data localization requirements, however well intended, put global innovation – which brings benefits to people everywhere – at risk. Protegrity’s Borderless Data Solution helps enterprises put their cloud strategies back on track, expedite their growth plans, and turn privacy from an inhibitor into a business accelerator,” Mountford added.

Cross-border data sharing allows businesses to innovate, governments to cooperate, and human beings to collaborate. For example, businesses can create new products, services, and operating models, or improve ESG monitoring along their supply chains. Security agencies and law enforcement can identify and track money laundering activities. Researchers can access global datasets to drive scientific advances.

With the growing exposure of consumer data and concerns around national security, countries are rapidly adopting and evolving data localization regulations. But restricting data flows measurably reduces global trade, slows operational productivity, and increases prices for all industries that rely on data, according to the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation.

When sensitive data can’t cross borders, businesses must duplicate expensive infrastructure and restrict the data sharing and collaboration that are fundamental to driving innovation and growth.

“At a global level, it is very hard to support data movement,” said the Global SVP of a global financial services firm. “Through this service, I can guarantee that this data never leaves a particular entity and can satisfy any regulatory requirements. Using Protegrity, I can make those guarantees for our lines of business.”

With its new Borderless Data Solution, Protegrity delivers a cross-border data protection service that offers the tools necessary to reinstate business-critical cross-border data flows, including a centrally managed service, federated and isolated jurisdictions, an easy-to-implement common API and frictionless app onboarding.

By reestablishing secure cross-border data flows, Protegrity’s Borderless Data Solution enables enterprises to:

  • Deliver new revenue streams – by enabling enterprises to develop new products and services, collaborate effectively with partners, vendors and their supply chain, and rapidly enter new markets
  • Improve customer experience – by enabling enterprises to build enhanced personalization and loyalty programs that drive customer trust and retention
  • Take costs out of the business – by eliminating third-party data processors, obviating the need for infrastructure duplication, and simplifying and scaling compliance through a common API
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