Guardz releases cybersecurity platform for MSPs and IT professionals

Guardz has launched its dedicated cybersecurity platform for MSPs and IT professionals that empowers MSPs to protect their clients with automated remediation plans, to improve their reporting for existing clients and better obtain new ones, and to cut operational and licensing costs up to 75%, ultimately boosting revenue.

Guardz MSP solution

Cybersecurity attacks aimed at small and mid-size businesses are on the rise, yet only 14% of these companies are prepared to defend themselves. Many either cannot afford to pay for and are not equipped to manage complicated and expensive solutions built for larger enterprises, and instead have turned to MSPs to handle their IT and cybersecurity.

Tasked with managing the various needs of numerous businesses at once, MSPs face a multitude of challenges. These include contracting with multiple vendors, creating an affordable bundled cyber solution for their customers, mastering and deploying a variety of technologies for each client, and demonstrating the risk, exposure, and financial impact to new clients, all while delivering ongoing threat detection and remediation across multiple attack vectors.

Guardz’s new MSP cybersecurity platform is a cost-effective, all-in-one solution providing businesses with both 24/7 cyber protection and cyber insurance coverage. Within the platform, MSPs can seamlessly control multiple customers’ cyber posture, subscription plans, and remediation from a single, multi-tenant dashboard.

The solution provides automated threat detection and remediation across the external and internal surfaces for business data, employee identities, cloud apps, web browsing, emails, and devices, with real-time risk and action alerts. Its Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace integrations allow for easy onboarding and immediate connection ot MSP clients’ IT environments.

“The launch of our dedicated MSP platform represents a significant milestone for Guardz as we continue to democratize cybersecurity for small and mid-sized businesses and enable MSPs to thrive,” said Dor Eisner, CEO of Guardz.

“With everything required to protect a business in one package, we’re allowing MSPs to significantly increase their range of capabilities while cutting their costs and increasing their revenue streams. We are excited to empower our MSP partners with the tools to both better serve their existing clients and obtain new ones, and in doing so, to together create a more secure digital world for businesses,” Eisner continued.

The dedicated solution also enables MSPs to consistently demonstrate their effectiveness to existing customers and better attract new ones, ultimately boosting their revenue. The platform’s automated prospecting tool generates risk assessment reports that compare existing and prospective clients’ vulnerability levels to industry benchmarks in seconds, and its on-demand ROI reports enable MSPs to demonstrate their immediate value by assessing attack attempts, alert remediation, and employee security posture.

With Guardz’s cyber protection in place, MSP clients gain cyber insurance readiness and tailored coverage, and MSPs obtain a fixed commission.

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