AuthenticID launches identity document liveness detector

AuthenticID has revealed the launch of its identity document liveness detector. This feature enhancement validates the actual, physical presence of identity documents when used as part of the identity verification process.

AuthenticID’s identity document liveness detector utilizes advanced AI and computer vision to detect many forms of document spoofing, especially digitally-displayed document spoofs.

These spoofs are also called screen replay attacks. In this method, bad actors will attempt to bypass verification methods by displaying digital images of identification documents in their possession instead of “live” documents.

The identity document liveness detector can distinguish between digital images presented on a computer, phone, or other device and a present document to prevent this type of attack. At the time of presentation, this detector can spot a fraud attempt in milliseconds for all identity document types and geographies with no additional friction to the user.

The technology analyzes hundreds of data points and trace evidence that could escape human detection to ensure the uploaded document is live, without timely and error-prone manual review.

“Document verification has been a critical part of customer onboarding, especially as more customers digitally onboard,” said Shawn Firminger, SVP of Product, AuthenticID.

“Unsurprisingly, more bad actors are using document spoofing and many onboarding and identity verification systems have difficulty detecting these spoofs. AuthenticID’s document liveness detector was developed to meet this increasing fraud threat,” Firminger concluded.

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