ISACA updates CMMI model to increase its flexibility and adaptability

In a tightening economic market, addressing enterprise performance can help organizations better weather challenges by reducing costs, creating efficiencies, and coming in on schedule while improving overall quality.

ISACA’s Capability Maturity Model Integration, or CMMI, has been doing just that for enterprises for more than three decades, and is now out with a major model update with three new model domains—Data Management, People Management, and Virtual Work—that allow organizations even more flexibility to customize their CMMI adoption to their unique needs.

A mainstay in the performance improvement space for more than 30 years, CMMI practices have helped organizations worldwide elevate performance, improve quality, reduce inefficiencies, and better serve the needs of organizations and their customers.

According to its most recent performance report, which tracks real results of companies that use CMMI, CMMI-appraised organizations achieved an 81.3% success rate for their targeted objectives, improved productivity by up to 77%, and improved product quality by up to 80%.

In this latest version, CMMI’s maturity model concept has been streamlined to allow organizations greater flexibility when adopting CMMI.

Data Management

The CMMI Data Management domain and practices enable organizations to organize and use data within the bounds of business requirements. It also provides guidance on verifying data integrity to drive effective decision making and consistent communications to empower organizations to achieve performance goals.

People Management

The CMMI People Management domain and practices provide guidance to align an organization’s workforce to its business objectives, and it empowers individuals and workgroups for success.

Virtual Work

The CMMI Virtual Work domain and practices include identifying, assessing, and addressing virtual, remote, and hybrid work needs, constraints, and flexible solutions in a systematic and consistent manner.

These three new domains join five existing ones: Development, Services, Supplier Management, Security, and Safety.

“CMMI has a proven track record in addressing problems all across the organization, focusing on outcome-based performance for faster, cheaper and better results. This new model addresses and helps optimize key areas that are top of mind for many organizations right now around data quality and management as well as how they can ensure their people are performing at their full potential,” says Ron Lear, ISACA VP, frameworks and models.

“This just enhances what has already been the gold standard in providing a prioritized pathway to launch products, provide services, and manage suppliers to achieve goals with measurable outcomes, with added bonus of making everyone’s job easier along the way,” Lear concluded.

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