Tentacle partners with Oread Risk & Advisory to simplify SOC 2 compliance for organizations

Tentacle announced a SOC 2 partnership with Oread Risk & Advisory to help organizations achieve SOC 2 reporting goals and establish long-term security infrastructure.

With Tentacle’s release of the indexed SOC 2 security framework earlier this year, organizations have access to critical tools to eliminate guesswork by leveraging auditor-vetted SOC 2 controls and to assess readiness at their own pace. The partnership with Oread further enhances the capabilities related to SOC 2 preparedness, assessment, and ongoing adherence by facilitating the collaboration between users and Oread’s expert team of personnel.

Using Tentacle, organizations are able to measure current alignment, collect artifacts and documentation, track revision history, and maintain SOC 2 compliance. When leveraging Oread’s service offering as well, organizations are able to collaborate on all of those activities seamlessly within their Tentacle instance, both with their internal team and with Oread, to prove compliance, receive a SOC 2 report, and to enhance their overall security posture.

“We are excited to bring this partnership to the market as it aligns with our mission to provide Tentacle users with a trusted path to improving their security posture. We strive to reduce the InfoSec professional’s to-do list where we can and when it comes to SOC 2, finding the right firm to guide in preparation, to assess, and to deliver a credible SOC 2 report can be daunting. We want to give our customers that direction and with Oread’s expertise and knowledge of the Tentacle platform, we are confident Tentacle users will find success in the SOC 2 process,” says Matthew Combs, CEO at Tentacle.

Through the partnership with Oread, Tentacle users are able to build a long-term compliance infrastructure at an incentivized rate by collaborating on the work already done in Tentacle. For SOC 2 specifically, Oread supports its customers by leading readiness engagements, by providing actionable guidance, and by conducting SOC 2 reports across a broad array of systems. Tentacle will serve as an intuitive and centralized platform to facilitate the delivery of Oread’s services.

“Through Tentacle’s platform, we will be able to assist clients in achieving SOC 2 compliance in a very thorough and timely manner. We are very excited to work with Tentacle on this partnership as the technology and their overall philosophies align well with our mission to guide our clients in creating long-term compliance and security infrastructure,” says Raja Paranjothi, Principal at Oread.

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