KOTRA and KISIA will showcase 10 Korean cybersecurity companies at RSA Conference 2023

Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) will host 10 Korean cybersecurity companies as Korea Pavilion with Korea Information Security Industry Association (KISIA) at RSA Conference 2023.

KOTRA and KISIA will feature companies from across a range of fields including network security, cloud security, identity and access management and more.

Additionally, KOTRA and KISIA will hold a networking event with including Korean cybersecurity companies, local investors, and invited Korea Pavilion attendees from RSAC 2023 on the last day of RSAC 2023.

The participating Korean exhibitors (in alphabetical order) are:

  • AI Spera: AI Spera provides cyber threat intelligence from a hacker’s perspective through Criminal IP, an AI-driven search engine that utilizes machine learning and OSINT to detect all kinds of vulnerabilities related to personal or corporate cyber assets in real-time offering visibility and control.
  • EYL: EYL’s Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) miniaturization technology is a key technology that guarantees the safety of modern cryptographic system, and is a fundamental technology for quantum cryptography communication and quantum resistant cryptography for the future quantum computing era.
  • NETAND: Offers integrated identity and access management solutions. The easiest and most stable way to secure identities.
  • PRIBIT Technology: PacketGo is a two-way mutual trust communication mechanism for uncontrollable network. Pribit’s philosophy is rooted in overcoming the legacy security issues of IP communications technology developed 40 years ago. PacketGo’s communication technology creates a separate trusted network on the untrusted internet.
  • Quad Miners: Provides full packet capture of network traffic while other vendors provide only the basic log information. This means that any anomaly and threat is followed more easily and faster with Quad Miner’s product.
  • SECULETTER: Provides advanced email & file security by our own patent technology, ‘Automatized Reverse-engineering’. Using SECULETTER’s own technology, SECULETTER cover the blind spots of traditional APT solution by neutralizing recent malicious code attacks having evasive skills.
  • SSNC: SSNC has established itself as a trusted security partner by securing global companies and large financial institutions as clients. It provides endpoint, network, and cloud security solutions, offering solutions and services to protect a company’s most valuable assets, its data and people.
  • Stealth Solution: Network based moving target defense product & technology.
  • WEEDS KOREA: UEBA · Insider threats monitoring & audit
  • Xabyss: NetArgos eliminates temporal/operational NSBS where zero-day intrusion occurs, which traditional NDR could not solve, with patented first-N packet storage and RSC (Retroactive Security Check) and analysis.

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