Tentacle AI Control Mapping enables organizations to centralize security information

Tentacle has announced Tentacle AI Control Mapping; a machine learning and natural language processing-fueled feature expected to transform an organization’s ability to centralize and leverage critical cyber security information.

AI Control Mapping is the first of a series of machine learning-powered features scheduled to be released, all of which are designed to reduce the time and effort related to manual and repetitive tasks. Tentacle AI Control Mapping enables organizations to leverage existing program documentation to migrate from outdated tools (including spreadsheets) or to build out a security project within Tentacle.

Phase 1 of the release is also expected to significantly decrease the amount of time dedicated to assessment response. Tentacle anticipates future add-ons to further expand the overall capability therefore creating an opportunity to offer a one-of-a-kind solution for automating accurate response to security questionnaires.

The new feature combines natural language processing and machine learning to quickly analyze an imported template and provide users with matched controls from Tentacle’s framework library. Tentacle began efforts to “train the model” over 6-months ago, using existing application data to fine tune the algorithm.

Users will continue to seamlessly feed ongoing data points into the model by confirming the proposed matches and by making necessary edits throughout the process.

“Our team is very excited to release this new feature within the Tentacle platform,” stated Matt Combs, CEO.

“We’ve been extremely thoughtful in developing new and innovative solutions that deliver actionable value to our users; be them large or small organizations, security analysts or CISOs, auditors, assessors, or even managed service providers. If the initial release of our Tentacle AI Control Mapping model is able to yield a match rate between 80 – 90%, then we have very high expectations for reaching at or near precision in the near future. The impact this will have on time saved will truly be significant,” continued Combs.

Tentacle AI Control Mapping offers organizations a jump-start in the centralization of security information. In doing so, Tentacle anticipates the ability for users to expedite the analysis of risk, the progress towards improvement, and the ability to comprehensively communicate program details to necessary stakeholders – all without sacrificing valuable, pre-existing documentation.

With Tentacle AI Control Mapping, organizations can manage security questionnaires by mapping imported security questions to applicable responses from security frameworks, such as SOC2, PCI-DSS, and ISO 27001.

“In today’s ever-evolving threat landscape, organizations can’t afford to forgo a thorough, well-documented, and easily communicated security posture,” says Combs. “With Tentacle AI features like Control Mapping, users don’t have to sacrifice past efforts in order to harness the exciting capabilities of today’s technology to solve real, daily challenges.”

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