RidgeShield monitors traffic across workloads and enforces unified security policies

At RSA Conference 2023, Ridge Security announced Ridge Security RidgeShield, an automated, cloud workload protection and testing solution.

As organizations increasingly move their workloads to the cloud, they face new and complex security challenges that traditional security solutions are not designed to handle.

RidgeShield addresses these challenges with a zero-trust micro-segmentation technology to secure cloud workloads across on-premises, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud environments, protecting against today’s sophisticated cybersecurity threats.

“Securing cloud workloads can be a daunting task as networks without borders become increasingly complex. More than ever, it’s critical to have a clear and simplified understanding of how different assets and services are interconnected within a network – whether it’s deployed on-prem, hybrid or across multiple clouds,” states Lydia Zhang, President of Ridge Security. “RidgeShield provides an automated, more dynamic and context-aware way of controlling access and traffic flow, with real-time visibility of assets, regardless of where they reside.”

As an innovative, host-based micro-segmentation platform, RidgeShield continuously monitors traffic across workloads and enforces unified security policies across any environment with automated security testing for maximum protection:

  • Label-based micro-segmentation technique divides networks into smaller, isolated segments based on labels applied to the workload or data, allowing for a more granular level of control over network traffic.
  • Business-oriented flow view offers a business-centric security approach with a high-level, visual understanding of the interconnections and dependencies of assets and services based on business logic. RidgeShield visualizes communications between the segments and monitors and enforces security policies in real-time, allowing access or limiting access based on those policies.
  • Complete DevSecOps capabilities integrates the core security testing capabilities of RidgeBot, allowing organizations to perform dynamic application security testing (DAST) and interactive application security testing (IAST) on their workloads. This is critical as it builds security into the software development lifecycle focusing on collaboration and communication among developers, security teams, and operations teams.

RidgeShield addresses today’s cloud security challenges, delivering real-time multi-dimension visibility and SecOps efficiency across hybrid environments. For security professionals, this translates into cost savings from an automation and integration, as well as infrastructure availability perspective.

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