Thales’ new secrets management solution improves DevOps and cloud security

At RSA Conference 2023, Thales introduced a new secrets management solution as part of its CipherTrust Data Security platform which unifies the discovery, classification, protection, and control of sensitive data across cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments.

Thales’s new secrets management solution, powered by Akeyless’ Vault Platform, enables customers to manage and secure DevOps and cloud workloads’ secrets.

The new capability enhances the capabilities of the CipherTrust Data Security platform to help security and governance teams reduce risks by streamlining security processes across their operations.

Thales’ new secrets management solution helps ensure that only authorized workloads and applications can access their passwords, API keys, and certificates, protecting them from unauthorized access, theft, or misuse. The process of secrets management typically involves generating and storing secrets securely, controlling access, and monitoring to alert when there is a suspicion of a breach and associated details.

“Combining secrets management with key management is like having a fortified vault for all your valuable assets. We are pleased to meet our customers growing business needs by offering a single data security platform that can simplify the management of all their sensitive data, improve security and compliance, foster development collaboration, and scale their security infrastructure,” said Todd Moore, VP of data security products at Thales.

The addition of secrets management enables the CipherTrust Data Security Platform to solve several pain points for customers related to the storing and managing of secrets securely, including:

  • Mitigating the risk of data breaches: By providing secure storage and access control to sensitive data such as passwords, API keys, and certificates, which are valuable targets for attackers, it mitigates the risk of data breaches.
  • Simplifying the management of secrets: In many organizations, passwords and certificates are managed manually or with ad-hoc processes, which are time-consuming and error-prone, especially in large or complex environments.
  • Ensuring compliance with regulations and standards: Some industries and regions require compliance with specific regulations and standards for data security which could be very complex to navigate.
  • Enabling collaboration: Multiple teams or individuals who need access to secrets now have a centralized and secure way to collaborate on projects.

With support for secrets management, the CipherTrust Data Security Platform further simplifies customers’ processes by allowing centralized management of secrets and keys and scaling up to encryption solutions and other data security use cases.

“As enterprises increasingly adopt DevOps practices, Automation, containerization, and more cloud technologies, they face a new rising threat in the form of Secrets Sprawl, where credentials, certificates and keys of all forms are being found in large quantities within source code, configuration files, and DevOps automation platforms. In recent years, Akeyless has pioneered the SaaS based Secrets Management market, becoming the perfect choice for reputable enterprises globally, making it a natural partner for Thales,” said Shai Onn, President at Akeyless.

“With Akeyless Vault Platform’s secrets management solution, Thales can offer a more holistic and cohesive platform for its customers enabling them to centralize and streamline their DevOps Security efforts, Cloud IAM initiatives and Encryption solutions projects,” concluded Onn.

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