ManageEngine releases MSSP Edition of Log360 Cloud

ManageEngine, the enterprise IT management division of Zoho Corporation, launched the MSSP Edition of its cloud-based SIEM solution, Log360 Cloud.

ManageEngine MSSP Edition

According to a recent ManageEngine study, organizations are currently facing a shortage of cybersecurity staff. With budgeting constraints and the current economic situation, addressing security challenges and moving to a higher security maturity level is difficult for enterprises.

Furthermore, organizations are finding that the overall cost of deploying and managing security solutions, including SIEM solutions, is higher than the price of managed security services. Due to these factors, more and more enterprises are looking to MSSPs for their security needs.

However, MSSPs also face specific business challenges, such as managing the security of their clients without compromising on data segregation as well as optimizing resource utilization and maintenance costs to increase their profit margins.

“The MSSP market is set for expansion, but MSSPs have to assure their clients that data segregation and security are ensured continually. This requires additional investments in the appropriate technology, hardware and personnel, reducing the profit margins of MSSPs,” said Manikandan Thangaraj, VP of ManageEngine.

The MSSP Edition of Log360 Cloud is designed to address the unique business challenges of MSSPs and thereby drive up their profit margins.

“Leveraging the advantages of cloud deployment, MSSPs can ensure data segregation and security with no additional effort. Log360 Cloud also offers multi-tenancy; RBACs in addition to security analytics; and incident management and threat detection, investigation and response (TDIR) features, making it the perfect fit to address the requirements of MSSPs,” said Thangaraj.

Log360 Cloud’s MSSP Edition offers the following capabilities:

  • Data segregation with multi-tenancy: Log360 Cloud’s MSSP Edition offers ways to seamlessly manage multiple customer profiles from a single console without compromising data security. Each customer’s data is logically separated from that of the others using a set of secure protocols in the framework.
  • Commitments to data security: The data of MSSPs and their customers is securely stored in the cloud and encrypted at rest and in transit. Also, Log360 Cloud is compliant with the GDPR, the CSA STAR, CLOUD 714132 ISO/IEC 27017 and more, thus ensuring continuous monitoring to secure customers’ data.
  • Guaranteed around-the-clock availability of services: Log360 Cloud is hosted on Zoho’s cloud infrastructure and follows Zoho’s operational security protocols, ensuring high availability, resilience and business continuity.
  • Role-based access controls (RBACs): Addressing the stricter restrictions of who can view which customer’s data, Log360 Cloud’s MSSP Edition also offers RBACs that allow each of the MSSP’s security analysts to view the information of only a specific customer.
  • High-end security features: Log360 Cloud’s capabilities cover extensive auditing and reporting, forensic analysis, TDIR, compliance management, security analytics and cloud security.
  • Performance unaffected by granular retention configurations: Log360 Cloud offers flexible pricing, which allows MSSPs to choose granular data retention policies and storage space allocation for each of their customers. Thus, MSSPs can save a lot on resource utilization and log storage costs.
  • A fast time to value with quick deployment: SIEM services are notorious for taking months to deploy and demonstrate value. With a simple sign-up process, preconfigured modules and simple enablement procedures, Log360 Cloud quickly fulfills the deployment, configuration and resource management requirements of customers.

The solution will be showcased at RSA Conference 2023, which is taking place in San Francisco.

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