Skyhigh Security unveils major updates to product portfolio

Skyhigh Security announced the addition of several new capabilities to its Security Service Edge (SSE) portfolio at RSA Conference 2023.

The features and functionality converged in the Skyhigh Cloud Platform reinforce Skyhigh Security’s mission to protect the world’s data with an easy to use, customer-first approach.

According to The Data Dilemma: Cloud Adoption and Risk Report, on average, organizations store 61% of their sensitive data in the cloud, a 48% increase from 2019. Most have also experienced at least one cybersecurity breach (90%), threat (89%) and/or theft of data (80%), demonstrating that on-premise data loss prevention (DLP) is not enough.

Organizations need to address data security gaps by investing in comprehensive data protection that provides hybrid workforces with a secure and productive user experience.

The Skyhigh SSE Portfolio includes Skyhigh Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Skyhigh Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Skyhigh Private Access and other products, integrated into its comprehensive Skyhigh Cloud Platform, with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) as a core capability.

It protects data and stops threats across all websites, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) environments and Shadow IT, from a single, cloud-native enforcement point.

Gartner research shows that by 2026, 85% of organizations will seek to procure a CASB, SWG or ZTNA access offerings and obtain these from a converged solution.

Modernizing data protection

The exposure of data across a hybrid environment, combined with the lack of comprehensive visibility, can make it difficult for organizations to accurately assess their data security posture management.

Skyhigh Security continues to support today’s organizations dealing with fast-paced changes that require visibility and control of sensitive data—in motion, in use, and at rest.

New features include:

Unparalleled scale and speed using enhanced exact data match (EDM): Unified across and included in the Skyhigh Security portfolio, EDM prevents sensitive data from being lost or stolen using precise content match criteria with a single DLP classification to fingerprint the data from a structured source in any language. It can scan up to six billion cells within six hours, which is significantly faster than anything on the market, to prevent data exfiltration and significantly reduce false positives and negatives—providing the highest level of compliance for regulated industries.

Unified data protection of Microsoft 365 across the web and cloud: Available for cloud now, and coming to web, Skyhigh Security will provide unified data protection of documents and files containing Microsoft Purview Information Protection labels for Microsoft 365 seamlessly across Skyhigh SWG and Skyhigh CASB. With Skyhigh DLP, users can detect Microsoft Purview labels, decrypt encrypted files and emails, and apply labels as response actions.

Addition of remote browser isolation (RBI) to CASB and ZTNA: Prevents unknown threats from ever reaching endpoints based on DLP and real-time telemetry from over one billion sensors. With RBI for CASB Sanctioned SaaS Apps, remote users and contractors can safely access any cloud app from unmanaged devices, blocking file uploads or downloads and restricting copy/paste/print activities. RBI for Private Access allows remote users to securely access private applications behind the network via RBI, for the secure access of private apps.

Next gen Skyhigh Policy Builder: Allows administrators to create and maintain policies, including customer rules and rule sets, using a new user interface. Network administrators can leverage Web Policy Builder to configure rules and rule sets, create and manage custom rules, and migrate SWG on-premise web policies to the SWG cloud via hybrid, allowing organizations flexibility to scale to the cloud at their own pace.

“We’re proud of both our deep focus on data security and unique ability to innovate in a way that pushes the boundaries of Security Service Edge,” said Gee Rittenhouse, CEO, Skyhigh Security. “We have the most robust classification engine on the market, unified platform that can extend policies across the web and cloud in less than 60 seconds, along with the most APIs in the industry—across more than 40,000 cloud services. We’re fully committed to helping our customer reap the benefits of a modern workforce, while mitigating threats and simplifying the security of their data.”

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