SAIC EQADR platform accelerates data driven decision making

SAIC introduced its new encrypted query analytics and data retrieval (EQADR) platform.

“Agencies rely on data to help support their missions in a secure environment,” said Andy Henson, VP, Innovation at SAIC. “We are providing our customers with data encryption solutions to help them reach the next phase of their digital transformation journey. SAIC’s EQADR delivers on providing security and performance to accelerate data-driven decision-making.”

The platform enables next-generation, cryptographic, cross-boundary data search, retrieval and analytics. EQADR was developed to offer quick, secure and efficient data search and retrieval.

EQADR’S cross-domain strategy delivers targeted, on-demand queries from higher-side networks to lower-side networks while securing sources, methods and analytical tradecraft. The platform is built to handle the transfer of sensitive data, allowing search terms to remain hidden and it can efficiently sift through open-source data, reduce classified-data storage costs and share intellectual property.

This is the third data product launch for SAIC within the past 12 months. In June 2022, SAIC launched the SaaS version of Koverse, a security-first data management and governance platform that provides zero trust for data by enforcing attribute-based access controls (ABAC).

In January 2023, SAIC introduced its new data platform, Tenjin, a low-code to full-code artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning (ML) development and orchestration platform.

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