TruaID helps consumers keep personal information secure

Trua launched a new product called TruaID, which will give consumers a greater sense of security with their private information while providing businesses a more efficient means of screening customers and prospective employees.


Simultaneously, Trua announced that it has branched off from its parent company, Endera, and is now operating independently as its own entity.

TruaID, a digital identification system, eliminates the need for users to repeatedly provide businesses, government agencies or potential employers with their private personal information, such as Social Security number, driver’s license, birth certificate or other documents.

Instead, once the individual has that information verified through Trua, they would just provide their TruaID on their phone or online, never having to input or share their personal information again for many of the Identity verification or screening requirements.

“At Trua, we believe that privacy is not an afterthought, but rather an essential part of consumers’ digital interactions,” says Raj Ananthanpillai, CEO of Trua and Endera. “That’s why we have embedded privacy by design principles into every aspect of a consumer’s journey when they obtain and share their TruaID.”

“With TruaID, businesses will be able to onboard customers seamlessly and authenticate them on an ongoing basis, without requiring personal information, which enhances trust and confidence to both parties,” Ananthanpillai says.

For higher levels of trust verifications, Trua also verifies criminal and civil records, educational records, and similar information about the person, further helping businesses to screen consumers or potential employees in a secure manner. Based on that information, Trua then issues the consumer a TruaScore that ranges from zero to 360.

But unlike with most agencies that gather such data, Trua gives the consumer the opportunity to verify the information to make sure it is correct and that information for someone with a similar name hasn’t been included.

“When it comes to workforce screening, this is a more secure and faster way to handle it than businesses do now,” Ananthanpillai says.

Trua was launched in 2021 by Endera, a Virginia-based software company also headed by Ananthanpillai that focuses on workforce risk management and analytics for security professionals.

At a time when hacking, personal data breaches, and identity theft are concerns for both individuals and businesses, Ananthanpillai says, TruaID and TruaScore provide a solution to personal data storage and privacy problems for the businesses, while easily aligning with disparate data privacy and consumer protections laws and regulations.

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