CellTrust partners with Proofpoint to tackle mobile communication risk

CellTrust is teaming up with Proofpoint to help organizations manage mobile communication information risk and improve investigative readiness.

As the number of mobile communication channels (text, chat, voice, app to app) grows, highly regulated organizations are relying on technology to help them enable, manage, and govern regulatory compliance. Law often requires them to capture, archive, and retain the data across mobile communication channels for eDiscovery and compliance audit purposes.

While using personal mobile devices for business-related client communication presents opportunities for customer engagement and staff productivity, without the appropriate data capture, supervision, and retention technology in place, it opens up the organization to potential financial penalties and reputational damage should a compliance breach occur.

This is where CellTrust’s flagship product SL2 can help, as it turns a personal smartphone into a compliant smartphone without infringing on the personal data or functionality of the device. Staff can continue to use their personal mobile number and native texting and calling apps to communicate with friends and family, with all communications remaining confidential and private.

SL2 cannot view, touch, or capture personal messages or calls made through native texting and calling apps associated with the user’s personal mobile numbers.

Today, most organizations choose BYOD (bring your own device) deployments because their employees want to use their personal devices rather than carrying two separate devices. With SL2, staff working in highly regulated industries can have a compliant work phone and their personal phone available to them on one device.

In the framework of their collaboration, CellTrust SL2 will be integrated with Proofpoint Capture to capture mobile communications and subsequent storing to Proofpoint Archive, where the content can be retained, searched for, and supervised.

“The financial sector, especially, has a number of compliance and regulatory requirements to meet due to their vast array of digital communication channels such as mobile phones, text, chat, video, social media and more,” said Kevin Leusing, SVP and GM of compliance solutions at Proofpoint. “Proofpoint’s Intelligent Compliance portfolio provides an AI-based platform that helps unify, manage, store, investigate and supervise a vast array of digital communications for corporate and regulatory compliance protection.”

“Although SL2 is an enterprise grade solution, we have designed it to be intuitive and user-friendly so that employees are motivated to engage via a compliant mobile communication solution,” said Sean Moshir, CellTrust Chairman and CEO.

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