Amartus partners with ServiceNow to offer industry standard inter-party automation process and APIs

Amartus has partnered with ServiceNow to offer Enterprises and Service Providers a combined solution for rapid implementation of MEF LSO (Life-cycle Service Orchestration) industry standard processes and APIs to automate trading & operation of services that underpin todays Enterprise Network & IT environments.

Enterprise Networking and IT environments are undergoing radical transformation driven by the need to connect their increasingly global and mobile employee, customer & partner base to business applications running in geographically distributed cloud locations.

No single service provider offers the range and reach of services involved; they must partner with others. The resulting Network & IT environment is truly multi-provider, where the services of each partner provider run in their own network/infrastructure, and they meet in globally distributed co-location sites.

The only way to manage such a Network & IT environment is for the providers to adopt a common set of automated business processes and APIs for trading and operating those services. The MEF LSO standards were specifically designed for this purpose and have / are being adopted by leading service providers worldwide.

Under the partnership, Amartus and ServiceNow will offer Network & IT Service Providers and Enterprises a joint solution for rapid implementation of industry standard inter-party process and APIs whereby Amartus’ nBrace Inter-provider Automation solution will be pre-integrated with ServiceNow’s best in breed business and operational solutions, starting with Order Management and extending to Trouble Ticketing and other solutions over time.

“Amartus nBrace Inter-provider Automation perfectly complements ServiceNow, by enabling plug-n-play, API driven inter-operability between service providers as well as between enterprises and service providers. Use of standard, automated processes and APIs are a must-have to be able to manage today’s multi-provider Enterprise Network & IT environments,” says Michael Kearns Chief Strategy Officer at Amartus. “By working in partnership with ServiceNow, we make it easier for Enterprises and Service Providers to implement the standards.

Rohit Batra, GM Telecom, Media, Technology Industries at ServiceNow, added: “Through this partnership, ServiceNow is able to empower our customers to drive revenues with workflows equipped with industry standard service models and APIs.”

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