Enzoic’s identity breach monitoring solution protects accounts and data from fraud

Enzoic launched an identity monitoring offering, enabling organizations to continuously track and ensure their users’- whether its customers or employees– personally identifiable information (PII) has not been exposed.

Enzoic identity monitoring

This reduces the risk of identity theft and the data being used for financial gain, fraud, or account takeover.

Identity theft has increased rapidly, with 47% of US citizens impacted in 2021, resulting in $24 billion obtained through fraud. Enzoic’s solution is purpose-built to address the challenges organizations face trying to protect their customers’ PII.

Unlike other offerings, Enzoic provides an automated and intelligent way to securely and proactively monitor for exposed PII and can be customized to track any data point that is defined by the customer.

Enzoic’s extensive research capabilities and real-time threat database allow for this unparalleled Dark Web monitoring of individual identities and PII. With this approach, organizations have a set of core PII for a monitored identity that can then be extended with secondary elements, such as financial account numbers, cryptocurrency wallet addresses, government ID numbers, IP addresses, and more.

The solution then monitors in real-time every new data breach and exposure, proactively alerting whenever a fresh match occurs and providing the exact details of what was found. Enzoic’s customers can then take action to prevent the information from being used for financial gain, fraud, or account takeover.

“The risk of identity theft has soared as more and more of our lives are lived online,” said Mike Wilson, CTO, Enzoic. “Enterprises now have an automated threat intelligence solution that continuously monitors for any type of exposed data with zero friction for organizations and users and once initially configured. There are numerous ways in which this monitoring can benefit companies, including identity theft protection, uncovering potentially stolen credit or financial accounts, financial fraud reduction, or even protecting the identities of executive teams and board members.”

Key features and benefits of Enzoic’s identity breach monitoring solution include:

  • Flexible matching: Companies can track any data point associated with an individual’s identity. The API allows companies to extend the monitoring to cover any additional data element desired. In addition to core PII, the data model supports secondary information such as credit card details, financial accounts, health insurance IDs, security questions, and cryptocurrency wallets.
  • Complete Dark Web exposure monitoring for individual identities: Enzoic can proactively monitor identities and alert customers of a new exposure. The Identity Monitoring API allows for querying directly for historical exposures.
  • Monitor specific cyber security threats: In addition to identity theft, the solution can be deployed to track threats against organizational executives, board members, or DOXing of journalists or political figures.
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