Neurotechnology MegaMatcher IDMS handles the most common identity lifecycle procedures

Neurotechnology announced the expansion of the MegaMatcher product line with the release of the MegaMatcher Identity Management System (IDMS).

MegaMatcher IDMS

The new end-user-focused system is capable of handling a variety of different tasks from identity registry formation to comprehensive administration for both civil and criminal applications.

“By introducing our cutting-edge MegaMatcher IDMS we are greatly expanding the capabilities of our products ecosystem in the identity management domain,” said Irmantas Naujikas, Director for Neurotechnology. “Our solution will provide even more benefits in different ID projects.”

The MegaMatcher IDMS is capable of handling the most common identity lifecycle procedures, including registration, updates, status changes, history tracking and other relevant activities, ensuring that the information is up-to-date and presented in an intuitive way.

The system stands out from other solutions as a unified package presenting a complete set of features from the MegaMatcher product line:

  • Intuitive identity registration wizard with a step-by-step registration process ensures that all necessary information is captured accurately.
  • Personalized biographic data collection offers flexibility and adaptability by allowing users to provide tailored biographical information to meet the unique needs of the organization or project.
  • Multimodal biometric support allows capturing of fingerprints, ICAO-compliant facial photos, palmprints and iris images, ensuring that the biometric data is of high quality and reliability.
  • Identity validation ensures the quality, accuracy, and integrity of biometric and biographic data. It helps to prevent anomalous records and fraud attempts through liveness detection as well as age and quality assessment.
  • Consolidation of identity data from different sources enables the creation of a single identity registry that can be used for various purposes.
  • Registry clean-up eliminates duplicates and fraudulent records, which helps to maintain the integrity of the identity registry.
  • Summarized statistics and reports provide transparency and enable various data analyses, helping to understand the distribution of identity data and enabling informed decisions about identity management system improvements.
  • High level of security is ensured by using encryption on each identity record. During the data consolidation, the system performs integrity checks to ensure records were not compromised.
  • Flexible deployment ensures that the system can be used on a variety of hardware and software configurations as well as operate both online and offline, making it highly flexible and adaptable to different environments.

As a central part of identity management ecosystems, the MegaMatcher IDMS can be applied in the majority of civil and criminal application scenarios, for example:

  • National identity registry: Create a centralized database of citizen information to facilitate identification, governance, and the delivery of government services.
  • Voter management system: Ensure the integrity of elections by registering applicants, eliminating fraudulent records, and building a reliable identity registry.
  • Refugee registration: Provide accurate and efficient identity management of refugees to improve assistance.
  • Border control: Streamline immigration processes and secure national borders.
  • Law enforcement: Maintain criminal records, quickly identify suspects, and streamline investigations.
  • Financial services: Provide reliable identity registration and management for financial institutions.

The new MegaMatcher IDMS system unifies other Neurotechnology solutions, including MegaMatcher ABIS and the MegaMatcher Identity Registration System (IDRS). All MegaMatcher solutions can be acquired directly from Neurotechnology or via distributors’ network.

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