Veza launches Authorization Platform on the Snowflake Data Cloud

Veza has unveiled that the Veza Authorization Platform is now available on the Snowflake Data Cloud. With this integration, joint customers can now manage access permissions and secure their sensitive data at scale.

By leveraging the Snowflake Data Cloud, Veza is joining Snowflake in mobilizing the world’s data to help organizations secure access to sensitive data and achieve continuous compliance.

As the volume of data companies store increases, so does the number of identities, SaaS applications, and services that have access to the data – gaining visibility into who can access that data also becomes increasingly complicated.

Security teams and Identity & Access Management (IAM) teams have mandates to secure data lakes and certify access on an ongoing basis, but they struggle to distinguish between users managed by IT versus one-off local accounts created directly in Snowflake by data owners.

This creates a need to maintain strong access controls to achieve least privilege and comply with regulations. Veza’s Authorization Platform provides companies with visibility into access permissions across all enterprise systems, enabling customers to achieve least privilege for all identities, human and non-human, including service accounts.

“As a fintech company, our customers rely on us to maintain a strong compliance posture to keep their data secure,” said Steven Hadfield, Sr. Staff Product Security Engineer at SoFi Technologies.

“Veza helped us implement governance standards within our Snowflake deployment by giving our team visibility to manage all identities and their access to data in Snowflake. Veza empowers our teams with the insights they need to manage and mitigate risks,” Hadfield added.

“Securing access permissions to data is fundamental as organizations rapidly adopt the Snowflake Data Cloud,” said Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake.

“We look forward to witnessing Veza help our joint customers mobilize their data by making it simple for security and compliance teams to manage access permissions and maintain compliance as regulations evolve,” Dwiek continued.

The integration between Veza and Snowflake helps companies:

  • Visualize who can take what action on what data in Snowflake. Discover which enterprise identities (both human and non-human) have access to Snowflake objects (databases, tables, and columns) and understand the specific permissions granted to each identity.
  • Monitor dormant access to databases/tables. Save on licensing costs by rightsizing access for inactive or over-provisioned users across various business units.
  • Conduct access reviews. Identify access policy violations in real-time, rather than waiting for quarterly audits.
  • Assign users to least permissive roles. Stay compliant and protect sensitive data from landing in the hands of threat actors by choosing the least permissive Snowflake local role that allows their users to do their job, while adhering to the principle of least privilege.
  • Eliminate risk associated with M&A activity. Accelerate the migration of roles, groups, and permissions during M&A and verify that permissions work as intended.

Veza’s API-first approach enables integration with Snowflake, as the platform ingests RBAC metadata without the need for enterprises to deploy agents or make network changes to support the integration.

“As companies accelerate their migration and adoption of data in the cloud with platforms like Snowflake, it has become critical to develop a comprehensive access governance strategy for who can perform what actions on sensitive data in Snowflake,” said Tarun Thakur, CEO of Veza.

“Our integration with Snowflake enables customers to quickly secure their data lake environments by simplifying permissions management on granular Snowflake resources, while proactively protecting their organization against data breaches, insider threats, and cyberattacks,” Thakur concluded.

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