Bitwarden simplifies passkey implementation for developers

Bitwarden released Bitwarden, the developer toolkit with an extensive, easy-to-deploy API for integrating FIDO2 WebAuthn-based passkeys into consumer websites and enterprise applications.


The news comes as public interest in passwordless technology is on the rise. Recent research found that a majority (56%) of people are ‘excited’ about passwordless technology.

However, many organizations are not ready to deploy passwordless, with half of IT decision makers saying they haven’t gone passwordless because the applications they’re using are not designed for it. With today’s news, Bitwarden addresses this gap.

On top of the user convenience of removing the need for passwords, usernames and two-factor authentication (2FA), passkeys keep users more secure by eliminating the possibility of phishing attacks.

Bitwarden delivers an easier way to bring passkey-based authentication to individuals and organizations. With just a few lines of code, Bitwarden allows developers to create seamless authentication experiences in minutes, making passkey deployment fast and straightforward.

In adding passkey-based authentication to existing applications, enterprises find it can take time to identify resources and develop solutions. Bitwarden removes this hurdle to passwordless adoption.

To simplify administration, the new product also includes an admin console for developers to configure applications, manage user attributes, gain insight into passkey usage, deploy code, and get up and running immediately.

“Passwordless authentication is rapidly gaining traction because it offers a more secure and streamlined way for users to log into websites and applications,” said Michael Crandell, CEO of Bitwarden. “Bitwarden empowers developers with the flexibility and tools they need to implement passkey-based authentication quickly and easily, ultimately enabling better user experiences while maintaining the highest levels of security.”

Deploy passkeys in minutes

Bitwarden customer Lundatech AB, an integration platform based on state-of-the-art security and availability technologies, is already using Bitwarden to improve sign-up and login experiences for its customers and employees.

“Our customers and partners consist of software vendors, large private corporations, and government agencies, all with high security and reliability requirements,” said Lundatech AB CTO Henrik Doverhill. “We wanted to give them better security and a modern, more streamlined authentication experience. Bitwarden trimmed down our development process – within an hour, we had passwordless authentication up and running.”

Developer-focused offerings

Since the start of the year, Bitwarden has debuted two new developer-driven solutions backed by the company’s open source security approach. Along with this announcement, Bitwarden recently released the open beta of Bitwarden Secrets Manager, designed to centrally secure and manage highly sensitive authentication credentials within privileged developer and DevOps environments.

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