Network Perception NP-View platform 4.2 improves OT security analysis

Network Perception introduced its next-generation NP-View platform, providing improved scalability and throughput, making OT network path analysis and reporting more comprehensive.

The new NP-View platform, version 4.2, powered by a second-generation path analysis algorithm, offers significant performance improvements, including faster loading of access rules and object groups reports. OT network auditors now have much greater visibility into rule review, and therefore greater context for organizational rulesets, and the ability to analyze networks more quickly.

NP-View also offers enhanced parsing capabilities for configuration files with a large number of access rules (10,000+ per device) and object groups (30,000+ per device). Improved parallel processing performance reduces large file analysis to less than one hour.

Higher performing tables are now capable of supporting tens of thousands of rows and cells in a single view, significantly decreasing the time it takes to analyze networks. Users and auditors are also empowered to apply and verify justifications to rules directly within the table, enabling seamless collaboration and enhanced workflow transparency.

Object content lookup is another cutting-edge functionality introduced as part of NP-View’s upgraded tables, giving users a comprehensive list of contents for each object group, with links to each node for instant topology navigation. This seamless integration of tables and topology empowers users to effortlessly access the desired information and make data-driven decisions with speed and precision.

Building on its path analysis and topology navigation improvements, NP-View also introduces external path analysis. By leveraging advanced algorithms and topology inference techniques, the system intelligently identifies and maps external nodes, providing a comprehensive view of network connections and their associated risks.

“Our team is continuously working to further improve parallel processing throughput, scale external path analysis, enhance path analysis reporting, and upgrade underlying technology libraries for optimal system performance,” said Robin Berthier, CEO of Network Perception. “The release of NP-View 4.2 brings together all of the things that OT network owners and operators demand to quickly identify potential threats to their environment. Identifying and understanding potential security risks is the first step in combating them, so this enhanced level of visibility is paramount.”

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