oak9 adds GitLab support to alert developers of security gaps

Open-source code repositories have become integral to developers, enabling them to work faster and more flexibly with the added benefit of collaborating with other developers. While these platforms encourage agility, they can also create security concerns.

oak9 has added a GitLab integration to its platform.

It is critical to detect and alert developers of security gaps as early as possible in the software development lifecycle, from the design phase through post-deployment.

Developers need cloud native security solutions to keep up with the pace of modern development. Some development security challenges include false positives, managing static policies, tool fatigue, and post-deployment fixes. oak9 makes it easier for developers to commit secure and compliant code from the start.

oak9 looks at infrastructure in the context of the entire cloud native application. It validates that the designed architecture is secure and ensures security is consistent across all deployments.

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